New to Wayfarer! Don't judge!

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I just started on Wayfarer but I already see people are critics.

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    Don't ask people here to just approve your nominations, that's not what this Forum is for.

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    Friendly word of advice, dont post any more things like this if you don't want to get yourself banned and have your Wayfarer privilege revoked.

    Telling / asking people to accept just so you have more things to do can actually be classified as trying to influence reviewers. Thats actually one of reasons to mark a submission as abuse and can lead to bans etc.

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    These are fairly likely to surface on my Review screen for voting, so a couple of comments. Firstly, I would agree with the post above, even though there is not much in the Way of waypoints in the area, you can't ask people to "vote them up" as it could cause problems for your account.,-1.976667&z=19

    No - 1) I can't find a "Mitchells Park" but from what I can see I presume this is the entrance to the "Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre". This would be a very good nomination, but you might find it easier if you edit your nomination to say so.

    No 2) The correct name for the pub is "The Hollybush". It should go though ok but some people like to fuss over the exact name and reject things where the name is not correct. I'd advise editing your nomination.

    No3) BoyleSports is a bookies. Not eligible as a Waypoint - 1*

    PS. The Sikh Gurdwara is already a Waypoint, but I can see a Cricket Club and some Tennis Courts that would make good waypoints if you are careful where the Waypont pins are placed.

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