I do not agree nor understand the reasoning behind this nomination rejection


  • xXx7Viper7xXx-PGOxXx7Viper7xXx-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    We'll see the church is actually a gym already and we have two other churches in our town that has outreach buildings and that's just what they call them they were you know accepted as well with this one yeah I know I misspelled because I was trying to get my kids to listen while we were putting in the stop so yeah the punctuation is not happens I've had them passed before like that with no problem other than that this building is just recently been built within the last year and a half so it's not going to show up on Google maps unless they've recently updated and you know how nice it doesn't update their stuff very often so as far as being explicit any church outreach/community building is acceptable under their criteria so the explicit doesn't make sense but I do understand what you're saying

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    Are you trying to get your kids to listen now? That was just one run-on without a single period or comma.

  • Lechu1730-PGOLechu1730-PGO Posts: 537 ✭✭✭✭

    The magic of voice dictation...

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    If it's new building then you really need to make a photosphere for it, people won't accept something that they can't see on either streetview or map. If it's not on any of them, photosphere is your only option to make them see it on map.

    And you can edit all your text (title, description, support text) later when you're on wayfarer. You have a lot of time to do it, because you can edit it until it go in voting :)

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    Call it what is is, a Community Center, which will go through, and then edit the title or description down the road if you want. I don't agree with the Explicit Activity and vulnerable population comment, that is reserved for things like tobacco, liquor and adult oriented locations. This is not that.

    Also the spelling is rough. I always submit with little detail at the time and then go back in and edit my nominations from the Wayfarer site to provide the details I think are important. Its easy to have typos when trying to submit that all on a smart phone.

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    A sign on an average looking building saying "Office" is not going to be rated very hightly. Is there no actual sign anywhere saying that it is a "Outreach centre" or whatever?

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