Here come the newcomers. And then?

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As we all know, Niantic has sent the invitation email to invite the players to join Wayfarer. Since a lot of submissions are waiting in the queue, the participation of the newcomers would be a great help. On the other hand, there are some major challenges now, including helping them to overcome entry barriers, making them become long-term contributors, and maintaining the reviewing quality at the same time.

I believe that Niantic has some plans for those challenges. But I would like to mention that for non-English speakers, resources are limited.

Is a reviewer qualified if he/she memorized all of the words in the criteria? I would say not enough. There is a lot of valuable information on the forum and AMA. That information is required when a reviewer rate a nomination. However, November 2020 AMA is only available in English. In Taiwan, a lot of reviewers ignored the English criteria, not to mention the forum. It may result in false acceptance or false rejection. For example, a reviewer will never know that private residential property is specified to single-family if they don’t read the AMA.

To make things worse, if you google “pokemon go pokestop criteria” in Chinese, you will get several results that contain misinformation. The misinformation includes all businesses are ineligible, murals on roller shutters are temporary, and murals on utility boxes are ineligible.

If Niantic conquers those challenges, the reviewing process will become efficient and high quality. I’m looking forward to it.

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