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Immediately Duplicated Nomination

jkaska-PGOjkaska-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭

I nominated a wayspot on 3/7/2021 and at first got the red bar that said there was an error (a pink bar that said something went wrong, similar to when your phone loses GPS or data service), putting me back to the submission screen. I tapped on submit again and it went through as intended; however, Wayfarer displayed the same exact nomination twice, costing me two nominations for one wayspot. I withdrew the duplicate from my nominations tab so that it didn't cause any other confusion, but I am wondering A/ if I did something wrong, B/ since there's no clear guidance or similar situations that I could find, what to do to resolve in the future. I have submitted dozens of nominations on my Pixel XL3 with no other issue. I do not believe data or GPS loss was likely here because I was at full bars and outside in a park.

I cannot reproduce the issue but I can certainly screenshot my wayfarer nomination page to show two identical entries, one of which I have withdrawn.

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