Trying to determine, if 2 stops are in the same cell

I am trying to update stops and improve the experience for the community in my hometown. I was wondering if one of you who is a bit more experienced with the s2 cell maps could help me. So, there is one very old, fake spot in the centre of the town square (Esculap Snake; 48.30538, 16.325568). Last summer I submitted a new spot called Mariensaeule, but it did not pop up in the game. I assume because it is too close to the previously mentioned fake spot. Can anyone confirm my suspicion? Are those two stops in the same cell?

Another possibility is that one of the other 4 in-game stops is too close to the new stop and prevents its appearance. It would be great if you could help me out, because I want to get rid of the fake one and make a proper landmark show up. Many Thanks!


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