Is Niantic really putting any effort in India?

The India Wayfarer India challenge is just around the corner but is Niantic really putting any effort to improve the quality of wayfarer in India? Here is a small example that they are way behind in this case. This is a wayspot that was featured recently in our area. And surprisingly, it's a fake one! The actual poi can be found in this place - . From the picture below you can get the address of the fake one and using the google map details of the actual poi, you can clearly see that these two places are more than 150 Km apart! Even if it was not a fake nomination, it getting featured would still raise questions. The title is horrendous. It says it is a bust of a statue. Here is a link to a Facebook post that shows a similar case, a fake nomination getting showcased in our area a few months ago- I used to think featured wayspots were supposed to help wayfinders understand what is a good nomination, but sadly, they are promoting only low-quality ones now.



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