Proposal to remove 'Location Inappropriate' as a reject reason

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In the Welcome to 2021: Wayfarer 3.4 post, four new rejection reasons were added. One of them, and the foremost is Location Inappropriate. Personally, which is by no doubt impacting many people, this disastrous rejection reason which is doing the rounds all around the community is causing undue stress for anyone who is making an honest nomination.

  • What the reject reason should be used for: adult entertainment store, or weapons shop
  • What it's actually used for: everything else but - footbridges, maps, restaurants, murals, nature signs

If the nomination is actually consisting of explicit content, then the abuse category: explicit content really should be used instead. It feels as if "Other rejection criteria" does not make sense at all, and low IQ reviewers are using this reason to state "this Wayspot is just inappropriate for the game", as in "should not be accepted", and are not using the proper reason.

Choosing Location Inappropriate results in the reject emails where it says "the real-world location of the nomination appears to have explicit or inappropriate activity". The impact is worse than it needs to be because this is steadily becoming the new "generic business" standard reject reason.

Niantic, you said you would personally review nominations that were incorrectly rejected for the Generic business category. While the requirements really don't seem to apply for the overhaul of the updated criteria, it should be worth reviewing and looking at the nominations that are incorrectly rejected for explicit/inappropriate activity and probably also for live animal.

If an actual firearms store, streep club or playhouse gets nominated, I will assure you, people will not select Location Inappropriate. They would rather accept does not meet criteria instead. And it would be best if everything so far that was rejected for this erroneous reason was does not meet criteria instead (even if it was a footbridge in a park, map to explore the location, or a mural at an Indian restaurant).

While "location sensitive" is something I have not seen anything used against any of our local nominations (apart from a Local Guide Area at Central Station), they really should just not meet criteria instead. Or make an appeals system instead! If something does not meet criteria, it does not meet criteria, simple.


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