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Since a few time pokestops and gyms in Pokémon Go have access to the gallery of photos, and players can vote for their favorite, however does this have an impact on which photo will be the default one for pokestops and gyms ? Should this also affect Ingress and change the cover photo for portals too ? Or will the vote be counted separately ?

Also sorry if this has already been discussed, I searched this forum and the Ingress one and found nothing but I might have miss an official comm on it.



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    In Ingress players can choose which photo appears on a portal or gym by liking that photo in game. The one with the most likes is the one that gets to be displayed on the portal, Pokestop, gym, etc.

    I live in the US & we currently don’t have the option to submit photo edits where I live & I haven’t reviewed any either but I know about this option & I have a feeling your comment is more focused on an edit. If so, I believe the newly submitted photo (if none of the other photos don’t have likes on them in Ingress), will become the new cover photo for POI

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    From the experiments that I have done the Ingress photo likes are carried over to the Pogo gallery however they aren't displayed.

    At this time it is possible to have a different primary photo for each game, which makes me wonder what photo is chosen to display on the duplicate map during the review process.

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    The one shown on Wayfarer is the highest rated Ingress one.

    At Present a PoGo only has its picture changed if an edit is carried out on the POI that causes it to be refreshed then it pulls through the new picture.

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    A wayspot near me got a new picture in PoGo while the old one (with more votes) are still used in Ingress.

    The PoGo picture show 1 upvote when viewed in PoGo and 0 when viewed in Ingress. The submitter name on the new is "unknown" so it was added by a PoGo player.

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    It used to be the one with the most likes in Ingress. This has very obviously changed. The likes feature also used to be the way to decide which pokestop becomes a gym & which one stays a pokestop. This feature no longer works either

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    you can now click on the photo disc & the necessary arrows & by liking the photo in game the photo with the most likes will become the cover photo for that POI

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