Are hotels and vacation places acceptable?

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My region has a lot of coastline, beaches, and National Park land. It can be very hard to find spots that are durable and noteworthy that are not on/near private property. Reviewers seem to call all open space ‘farmland’ unless they think there’s a single-family house nearby, in which case it’s PRP.

We have several different kinds of places for visitors to stay, and I’d like to know which might be good candidates and how to get them passed.

There are:

motels with large parking lot and many contiguous units with individual doors.

hotels where guest rooms are accessible from inside a large building.

cottage colonies where there is a row of picturesque little cabins that can be rented by the week.

Should I focus on the business’ signs, or the buildings or amenities like restaurants, or something else, or not bother? What would make a vacation spot a good wayspot?


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    Most of those are not exactly eligible unless there is something very unique about them. If it is a vacation resort you may have a chance of it passing as a spot to socialize but for hotels/motels generally its a no

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    1* doesn't meet criteria

    Sculptures, playgrounds, ... that are normally eligible stay eligible.

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    Those places might have common area facilities that are eligible. Beach volleyball fields, gazebos, grilling places, playgrounds, garden sculptures, fountains, information plagues, nature trails (national park) etc.

    I'd start by checking the satellite maps and marking possible candidates for later inspection.

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    Hotels that are historically, culturally significant, on registers of historic places would be excellent wayspots.

    Examples: Hotel Coronado, Drake Hotel, Belvedere Hotel, Watergate Hotel.

    Generic hotels are ineligible, but there may be something eligible on their grounds. Grounds of a hotel are not part of the rejection criteria.

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    Most hotels and motels are not be eligible unless they are of historic or cultural significance. But there could be plenty of things in and around them that would be eligible as Wayspots. Resorts should have plenty of objects that would be eligible as Wayspots.

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    Yeah I would say the business itself is not necessarily eligible but they are usually good places to find other items that are eligible like pools, tennis courts or other exercise areas, sculptures or statues in their gardens, interesting architecture, artwork in the communal areas etc. Even hotel restaurants might be eligible as a place to socialise if they are used by local people, or if they have a cool theme or special menu that means they are notable.

    My friend recently submitted a cool water feature at a hotel, which was a series of large standing stones set into a reflection pool type feature, it looks quite striking. It was accepted first time. They didn't submit the hotel itself, but this was in the grounds.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I might be able to work with one or two of these ideas, and I’ll skip the plan to nominate each and every one.

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