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    @Oakes1923-PGO i agree completely. for me, among 100 reviews session, around 10-20 things are dodgy/fake/doubtful. The rest are okay or great. And i can confirm this number because by using a plugin, i can see my review history.

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    Its possible I'm overestimating, I'll wager that 1/3 of nominations I reviewed in central Michigan were junk though I moved that pin to take part in the India event and probably won't put it back.

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    When it comes to gyms, it could fit under the "hotspot" eligibility for approval criteria. So like, a planet fitness or gold's gym being a chain/franchise wouldn't be inherently eligible, but an independent gym could be if it was distinctive enough.

    As for CrossFit being a franchise, CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen and a registered trademark of CrossFit LLC, but they offer certification to become a crossfit trainer, and many gyms with crossfit trainers are locally owned and operated, so I wouldn't think that a CrossFit-focused gym would count as a franchise unless it was owned and branded by CrossFit LLC.

    But independent indoor gyms being inherently eligible on their own as a great place for exersice, I swear it's been asked in previous AMAs before, but looking through IngressAMA and other past AMAs I haven't been able to find any answers that responded to these questions (Though Wayfarer 3.0 might have rendered them moot anyways). Searching for any past criteria is also tough since "Gym" is also a Pokemon GO term.

    @NianticCasey-ING Do you know if independent gyms would be inherently good wayspot candidates, or would there need to be something more about them to make the distinctive or important? There's a lot of debate going on in this thread, and it's a debate I've seen time and time again.

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    It was in an AMA from Nov 2019 with further clarification from Jan 2020

    Q54: Are businesses that are educational and promote exercise like dance studios, martial arts dojos and art classes allowed the same way a College or University would be?

    A54: I am told that this would fall under the category of Local Businesses and can be considered ‘Generic’ if there is no historical or cultural significance

    Wayfare Jan 2020 clarification

    Activity-related businesses (gyms, dance studios, martial arts studios, etc.)


    Businesses that have been featured prominently in travel guides, those with historical or cultural significance or are a popular tourist destination.

    Not acceptable:

    Generic businesses with no distinguishing feature or significance or those that are part of a K-12 school.

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    Thank you! It was bugging me that I didn't know where that clarification was from. I need to bookmark that.

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    Only problem is that it's some of the older AMAs that have the clarifications talking about what makes things eligible, like saying apartment complexes aren't PRP, that foot bridges are okay, etc. Without them, a lot of people end up rejecting what would be valid submissions. With 3.1, you can ignore or use best judgement about a lot of the more confusing or conflicting clarifications, but totally ignoring them means you go back to people arguing about rejecting once valid nominations. AMAs aren't to be used as gospel, but can still be helpful (especially if you stick it in supporting statements).

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    @GearGlider-ING why is it needed clarifications after clarifications for almost obvious stuff ?

    there is the criteria page so, how non-chain gyms don't fulfill the exercise and social criteria? how?!

    and we assume non-chain due to the "reject generic /comun" part that is also described in the criteria page.

    therefore non-chain gyms are eligible.

    about the other part, that chain business may be eligible due to being the only thing in that area, is also described there.

    grabbing your examples, how footbridges are not eligible? they can be thought as a lsndmark in the park to arrange social stuff and use an exploration point if it interesting.

    one examples in my country that people are okay with and it baffles my mind, are the geodesic markers (google "marcos geodeticos" please). they are vertices used by the military to map the surface of the country. each marker has a specific kilometers /parameters. how those that fit the criteria that most of the time they are in places with no clear footpath to them? lol but when i try to nominate a small water wheel in some places without clear footpath, it gets rejected for not having "safe pedestrian acess"?

    you know what I want clarification for? for the small resting area, that are usually small "plaza" with the some of benches and plants for public leisure.

    because those places tend to be rejected due to being "boring". so, how those places that are a bit comum in rural area (at least in my country) are not elegible?

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    Just have to point out, its hilarious to me that someone would disagree with a post of someone only siting Niantic Q&A. No opinion just straight text from an official release. 24K gold medal trolling from someone who cant admit they are wrong.

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    That is interesting as it shows you have two ingress accounts which is against the terms and conditions

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    Think you might have misread my post it wasn't aimed at you.

    You can see the deleted post was quoted and the poster has a different name to the person who's just claimed the post was deleted

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    ah! I do see that a post was deleted now, although I don't see it quoted in your reply, maybe cause it was already deleted. No harm no foul. Carry on!

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    Footbridges were rejected all the time before the AMAs said they were good, Heck, I had basketball courts rejected cause the guide said to approve "athletic fields", pavilions rejected cause the guide said "gazebos", and all sorts of other stuff like that. You can give your own reasoning about why certain things are eligible, but if you tell people to ignore the old AMAs entirely instead of using them as a "not gospel, but helpful" guide, that's how you get people rejecting footbridges, UK post boxes, and the like again.

    If you want a new set-in-stone criteria about non-chain gyms, ask it during the next Wayfarer AMA. But it has just a good of a chance to be "reject them" instead of "approval them all" depending on what wording is used. Just look at the history of pools and fast food playgrounds.

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    First, I've read all the above comments before posting this.

    Prior to the most recent revision of the acceptance criteria, I considered almost all gyms automatic rejects as "generic businesses" (not getting into very special cases that hardly ever were relevant). However, the latest update changed that.

    Now, my own interpretation is that cross fit gyms, like general fitness centers, not only can be eligible but most likely are.

    My reasoning is that fitness centers are essential for staying in shape, both physically and mentally, when it is not possible to get exercise outside or otherwise socialize with the community. Promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle is at the very core of Niantic's games, but the activity of just playing the games is not sufficient to stay fit and healthy year-round, at least not in most areas. Also, meeting other players while working out in a fitness center is a fantastic way of making new friends when it is not possible to be outside. Thus, I accept all _locally owned_ gyms (including cross fit) and fitness center _amenities at residential communities_ automatically.

    I'll leave larger fitness related franchises, like LA Fitness, out of the discussion since that's a more nebulous topic that I don't want to confuse with what I consider indisputable.

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