Abuse in the Wayfarer Community

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Has anyone else here in the wayfarer community felt like some users are either multi accounting to like & insightful one another’s post to make their own rating better than others or using a community to do so? I have noticed this abuse from several users here in the wayfarer community & I feel downright cheated to be honest. I would like for something to be done about this. Especially with these users who attack you & dislike what you have posted to harm your account & your rating for no reason except to help themself. We are all here for one thing & one thing only. To learn & make the community better & to help one another out in doing so. Nobody should be cheating to make their account ratings better. It is not fair to anyone & in reality should be considered just as bad as spoofing or submitting fake POI or any other things that are frowned upon in the community. I will not be mentioning any names, calling anyone out or creating drama or harassment. It is wrong & I would like for Niantic to look into this to make the community better for all of us. I have noticed it & I am sure others have as well. There should be some kind of detection on here that triggers to catch a user when they like the same persons content over & over & over & over & over. This is unfair to all of us who really truly care & want to make this platform better. Please Niantic work together to come up with a way to stop this from happening. Abuse should not be tolerated, especially here



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    There is the option to flag any post for review by the mods if you feel that the post is insulting, attacking you etc. You also have the option to write additional comments should you feel it necessary and have your grievances addressed that way.

    As to likes dislikes etc, i don't set any stock by them and i suggest you just ignore them as they are pretty much pointless.

    The only time they have ever been useful is when a notorious forum user from Baltimore kept making things up and blatantly lying, so much so that they even caused Niantic to ban them and their numerous multiple accounts from the forums.

    Speaking of which, apart from a handful of incidents, mainly involving the aforementioned forum user, there is not to my knowledge a "circle ****" of liking all of a specific users posts.

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    Likes/Insightfuls would push your rating by one point per like/insightful. Disagrees (as long as you not only have them) doesnt effect your rating at all. Your rating has no impact in anything and wouldnt help in the forum either. Multi accounting in the Forum is completely useless. Thise are most likely friends or other "abusers".

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    I know exactly who is doing it. I have documented it & can show it to Niantic if needed because these accounts are cheating & abusing the system, & @LukeAllStars-PGO they aren’t friends sir. I can promise you this. I am well known for 100’s of miles around my community. If I wanted to abuse the system that way I could, but it is just wrong. Also saying, we should all be here to make friends & help one another so that is another proven point that needs made because that is why I came here because I had a ton of knowledge compared to others in my community so I felt like I could be of great help making the community better which should be obvious stating that every post that I have made on here is basically absolutely useless & has tried to find info & shed light on things that are basically a waste of time just to help others & it has helped others. I have had users reach out thanking me for questions. I like/insight comments from people I don’t even know. I don’t recommend for anyone to treat this like you would social media etc. This is just not the place. We aren’t supposed to be using this forum to try to get well known or famous. We are supposed to be using this forum to reach out & help one another & make this community & the games linked to the community better. So let’s do that. Treat each other with respect, not like an ex girlfriend. Myself I came here to help people, not to torch the system for my own good within the community.

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    I want others to start watching for this I apologize for it being a fire starter for drama, it’s not intended to be that way. I don’t think it is my place to talk about the matter anymore than making others aware

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    Disagreements are useless in these forums, so just ignore them. Life's too short to focus on the bad side.

    I don't know if I've ever clicked like or insightful on any of your posts, but that's usually because they come through as huge blocks of text that scare me and so I avoid reading them. Maybe shorter texts with new lines as required might help you gather more upvotes on your posts.

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    I don’t keep track of the likes/dislikes on my own posts. I should have explained this better originally. I normally don’t dislike unless someone is completely wrong. I normally end up removing the dislike though because I feel like I’m being rude to the person & I’m not here to hurt anyone’s feelings

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    it is tiring more and more. The users criterion are sometimes without sense. Hope niantic take actions to protect users that spend a lot of time help this map because the introduction of pogo has been a big disaster

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