Percentage of Bonus Location Reviewed During India Wayfarer Challenge

I have set India as my bonus location and took a small note about nominations I reviewed during India Wayfarer Challenge.

Here is the distribution of nomination I reviewed in 100 samples recorded :

Home Location : 9 (9%)

Bonus Location (India) : 12 (12%)

Last Playing Location : 64 (64%)

"Within My Country" : 15 (15%)

Total nominations reviewed : 100

Important notes :

1. My home Location and Last Playing locations are 1000 km apart but still in one country.

2. Both my home location and last playing location are more than 2000 km distance from India

3. "Within My Country" are nominations more than 500 km distance from both my home location and last playing location but still within the border of my country.

4. All of nominations from India comes from within 0-100 km from the pin I put my bonus location. I am not really sure the extent of bonus location, but apparently, it is not so wide.

5. All of samples excludes wayspot edit.

My conclusion:

1. Nomination from Bonus location has small percentage to appear compared to the total of last playing location and home locations.

2. The area covered by bonus location is relatively small, therefore, reviewer can only review small area of assigned in bonus location, not all of the country area.

My suggestion to Niantic Wayfarer Team :

1. Please develop a system to make nominations from bonus location appeared more often.

2. Please identify area which lacks of reviewers and has great amount of in queue nominations and manage to distribute the reviewer proportionally.

Thank you. I hope this India Wayfarer Challenge will run well.



  • KetaSkooter-INGKetaSkooter-ING Posts: 177 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2021

    In regards to your notes your approximately 100km range is correct. but that's the same for all three of your locations. Your current, Bonus and Home all have the same review area (its the cell and then the surrounding 9 cells) then of course there's the other mechanic that pushes the upgraded and remote nominations for all in the country to review but that's based on your current location. India is a large country at about 2,000 x 2,000 km which may be why you feel the review area is smaller.

    Your current location has priority for reviews over the other two locations. See the other thread regarding that. Definitely something Niantic needs to adjust to make these challenges work better.

  • KCY3701-PGOKCY3701-PGO Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Just finished 100 reviews. Below are the breakdown of review locations according to my observations.

    Last Played Location : 58 (63.0%) *9x S2 Level 6 cells around my city*

    Rest of the country (Malaysia) : 16 (17.4%)

    Neighbouring country (Singapore) : 2 (2.2%)

    Bonus Location (India) : 16 (17.4%)

    Total Wayspot Reviews : 92 (100%)

    Edits and Photo Reviews : 8

    Total reviewed : 100

    I did not set my home location at all, which seems increase the percentage of reviews from my bonus location.

    My bonus location is currently set at Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • xWipflordx-PGOxWipflordx-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    After around 150 reviews, there wasn't a single one from India.

    The bonus location is in "Jagdalpur". I was hoping to be able to help in an area with not too many wayspots. Maybe that was a mistake ...

  • StallionMang-INGStallionMang-ING Posts: 9 ✭✭

    I've done 156 reviews since the event began. Only 13 reviews were for India. That's only 8%

  • ikaros02-INGikaros02-ING Posts: 54 ✭✭✭

    So far during the event I've done 285 reviews, of which 35 were in India. That's ~12.3%

  • MrVerse-INGMrVerse-ING Posts: 16 ✭✭

    OK guys. All our records confirming that bonus location indeed only a small amount of review materials. We hope that wayfarer team develop a breakthrough to optimize the next event.

    @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard

  • s3w2-INGs3w2-ING Posts: 99 ✭✭✭

    I did exactly 1500 since 16th March.

    Home/Playing location: 1288 (85.8%)

    Bonus location (India): 212 (14.2%)

    On top of these numbers, a big chunk of Indian submissions were low quality/ineligible. There should be an emphasis on submitter training. A link to the guidelines is not enough.

  • mortuus-INGmortuus-ING Posts: 213 ✭✭✭

    too many locals from me i live in Sweden so i didnt vote sadly for many from India as voting 20-30 locals before 1 from India pops up wasnt really interesting for me to do...

  • ArSon1112-PGOArSon1112-PGO Posts: 31 ✭✭

    Since most of my local community's gameplay is around rural areas the numbers have been quite different for us.

    Total nominations reviewed throughout the event by our local group (12 wayfarers in total) : 1289

    In our local wayfarer community We havee the same Home location and bonus locations and our GamePlay is around same town too.

    Wayspots from current location

    Within 100 km radius: 0

    (Eventhough we have local group of 10+ active wayfarers with 5/6 nominations each, pending for over 3 months)

    Wayspots from hometown:0 (within 100km radius)

    Wayspots from bonus location: 0 (within 100km radius)

    Wayspots from rest of country (200-1000+km apart from current/home/bonus location): 95%

    Wayspots from neighbouring countries ( Srilanka, Bhutan...):5%

    Due to the poor quality of wayspots and unusual queue ( wayspots irrelevant to our location ) people lost interest in reviewing nominations as a result of this event.

    I believe backlogs should have a turn around time of maximum 100 days for arriving at a decision. Even the wayfarer India challenge couldn't gather enough reviewers help accomplish this feat for local Indian wayfarers.

    For most of the time the floating balloon locked out wayfarers from reviewing wayspots.

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