Repeated abuse of submissions (POI "Eule Stromkasten")

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In my region we have a POI popping up every few days, which gets then reported and removed. Until now, this portal has been submitted (and accepted) ate least 6 times I know of.

The object might even exist (a "Stromkasten",), but the photo was taken from another website, and not taken at that location. There already was an appeal to re-instate the portal (see,, but this appeal was correctly denied.

The original photo was taken from this page and using those pictures without written consent can be considered a copyright violation.

The current photo can be found as

When taking a look at Google Maps at this location,'58.3%22N+6%C2%B045'29.9%22E/@51.566189,6.7577445,158m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x47b89473b8242be7:0x6620abf6f7650994!2sRabenkamp+65,+46539+Dinslaken!3b1!8m2!3d51.5662!4d6.75807!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d51.5661891!4d6.758293 you will see it looks like the object is there, but the surroundings appearing in the photo do not match that location. This also can be (and was) confirmed by local players.

Furthermore the submission history looks really strange, the submitted locations differ only by fractions either in latitude or in longitude.,6.758311&z=15&pll=51.566206,6.758311,6.758307&z=15&pll=51.566200,6.758307,6.758305&z=15&pll=51.566200,6.758305,6.758305&z=15&pll=51.566203,6.758305,6.758304&z=15&pll=51.566201,6.758304,6.75831&z=15&pll=51.566201,6.75831

Unfortunately it is impossible to see who submitted the portal, especially since the last submissions are made via PokemonGo, thus not containing any plyername in Ingress, so it is impossible to say if the portal was re-submitted by a single person, or by multiple persons.

Please think about imposing at least a warning on the involved player(s) to use only pictures taken on-site, and to stop abusing 3rd-party images for POI images.

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