Wayspots approved, present in Ingress but not in PoGo

Few POIs are present in Ingress but not in Pogo while they are in empty cells. POIs have been accepted for months; is it possible to force synchronization to Pogo ?

Façade sculptée sur maison de 1900 : https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=49.101466,6.173965&z=16&pll=49.101466,6.173965 

Metz - Visages de Diacre https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=49.101551,6.17127&z=16&pll=49.101551,6.17127

Metz - Graffiti Objectif Pompidou https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=49.106133,6.17353&z=17&pll=49.106133,6.17353

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