Is it me or them?

Getting reeeeaaal sick of having things rejected for "explicit or inappropriate activity" which is common here. Is it not possible to investigate who's doing this? Or is upgrading the only way I'll be able to get things to pass?


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    There needs to be any kind of evidence that this is a local hotspot.

  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe i reviewed this one and definitely chose “does not meet criteria” you didnt give a shred of any proof that this restaurant is a hotspot, and put the same description as every other generic restaurant in Canada’s wayfairer voting que

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    A lot of reviewers hate local restaurants.

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    Just because it is a restaurant doesn't mean it is eligible. There is no presumption that any resturant is a great place to socialize with others or to explore without evidence.

  • Melurra-PGOMelurra-PGO Posts: 415 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I guess this is culture-dependent, but in my culture it is extremely rare for people to dine in restaurants alone (besides maybe fast food). It's much for common for people to do their own thing in coffee shops, which nonetheless seem to be automatic approvals.

    For those of you who said you want to see evidence, I'm honestly curious as to what you expect to be provided. Maybe a newspaper article featuring the restaurant (that is also available online)? That seems rather unreasonable to me, and here's why: if a restaurant is going to be in newspaper, the coverage is likely going to be about its opening. That's problematic because when a restaurant has just opened, it's not yet a community staple, so what good would an article be? These local hotspots often opened decades ago, so any article on their opening or rise in popularity is probably buried in archives and not linkable online, if one even exists. I suppose restaurants featured on Food Network would be evidence, but that's such a tiny share of locally owned and operated popular restaurants. So what kind of evidence does that leave? Restaurants with at least one Michelin star?

    The content guidelines clearly include "popular restaurants" under great places to socialize. Of course, "popular" is subjective, but for those who want to be so stringent, why not check online reviews of the restaurant yourself? The guidelines also say, "For reviewers, keep in mind that even a generic business in a small town can be an important part of the local community." Obviously fake nominations aside, if a submitter says a restaurant in their community is popular, who am I to say otherwise? It shouldn't need external validation like being on the Food Network or having a famous person visit. People who live in the place and eat at that restaurant know it's always full and people love the place. Sure, they could put this in the supporting text, there's probably no link to an outside source. It's just something locals know. In small towns, I'd venture to guess that some "ethnic" restaurants are the only place around to enjoy that cuisine, which is cultural importance as well.

    Maybe some of the nominated restaurants don't have a mural on the side or an eye-catching facade out front, but my life experience shows me that the more drab the exterior of a restaurant, the more delicious it is and the more niche it is in the community.

    Maybe it's a vocal minority, but from what I've seen, reviewers tend to be overly critical of local restaurants. (Maybe because the loosening of the generic business guidelines was fairly recent?)

  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Its not hard to look up a trip advisor rating or yelp for a restaurant. For reference this is a business I was able to get accepted. I didnt upgrade it i let locals review who know the history and story behind this business

    If my description would have been “local butcher shop that is a popular spot for locals and has been around for years”

    the description is my actual poi is written with many facts and points that make this spot not just your every day **** shop.

    the description i gave above is a general description much like op’s description of the restaurant. See any difference? Which one in your opinion would make you say “wow this is actually a unique spot”

  • Melurra-PGOMelurra-PGO Posts: 415 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, that's a great spot.

    However, I don't see why "a great place to socialize" has to have an extraordinary history or fact to be deemed eligible. Most places won't have something like "food that has been to space," "a favorite of Tom Hanks," "been in business for 100 years and founded by a president's grandfather" etc, but that doesn't mean it's not a great place to socialize in the community.

    Sure, maybe op could've posted more, but what makes a place popular in a town or neighborhood isn't what year it was founded or what it looks like on the outside, so I don't think it was necessary to have more info.

  • silverkali-INGsilverkali-ING Posts: 92 ✭✭✭

    You have to use your supporting statement to really sell why you think that you submission meets the criteria. Your statement, as it stands, has no evidence to back up your statement, has it won awards, did it run community events (pre-pandemic), does the staff do fundraising, does it have a dish that it is famed for and can you evidence any of this?

    The more you sell your submission and get across how great it is, the better chance you have of reviewers reviewing it favourably.

  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Obviously yes I wouldnt say so but its the way you sell it is what i’m saying. If i said local butcher shop thats popular, it wouldnt of passed. It boils down to lack of effort on nominators side or just that the business really isnt that unique and someone is just nominating to try to populate poi’s in the area

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    Your local reviewer population can vote very differently from another area. I remember back when OPR started certain EU areas had near total rejections of playgrounds even though Niantic said they're good to go. Some areas its easy to get a small restaurant through, other areas reviewers hate them.

    My preference is I vote to approve any restaurant that I can google and only has one location. Other reviewers think they need a good reason like they personally would want to dine there.

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    This description of the nomination seems very self-promoting, so if you try it again, I would rewrite that for sure, it will work counter-productive.

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