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Accepted Nominations not appearing on Intel Map

Let me start by saying I have been doing this a long time, know the system, understand the rules, have hundreds of successful nominations, and still enjoy it as much as the day I started, indeed more!

But recently I have now had two nominations accepted and still showing as accepted in Wayfarer, which have not appeared in any of the games, but most crucially, do not appear on the Ingress Intel Map.

I also recently had a playground approved but the pin was moved from the gate to the centre so it is within 20m of a nearby location so it doesn't show in any game (no complaints), but DOES appear in on the Intel Map, as does a GR PostBox I added for completeness in case it is used in another game in future.

Both the missing nominations were in thier own cells and well over 20m from anything else.

The missing ones are :


Nomination ID: QsRy6ZW8mjU7EGH2qPpcPFVSCOHJB1Uz09lz+VfjZNU=


And the ones appearing on Intel Map but NOT in game, correctly, are :


Nomination ID: eJsGoZnsGbxCJIDKXVjURKLyXdNdu/xmXkQK//k/b3Y=


Nomination ID: 0zFjDr3aG4fIeKI+wPWMOPxkS9NyRWFwwwYQykTf71w=

Happy to claify if any of this makes no sense!

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  • LukeAllStars-INGLukeAllStars-ING Posts: 4,622 Ambassador

    Q: My accepted submission is not ingame. Why?

    A: There are five posibilities:

    • Your submission is in the 20 meter radius of a different POI (not all POIs are in Pokemon Go, but still count for the distance-rule). If your submission isnt in ingress, it got sorted out after the approval by the Nia system. You can submit it again with a different location (only if you got a specific area, for example on a playground, do not fake the location because of this rule!)
    • Your submission is in a full lvl 17 s2 cell (only for Pokemon Go)
    • Your submission is newly accepted and you have to wait a bit until it is getting synced to Pokemon Go (up to 34 hours)
    • A syncing error is blocking newly submitted POIs to get into the games, so it can take a little longer than 34 hours until they will appear in ING/PGO. Mostly, only one game got syncing errors, so you could check the other games to check for your POI.
    • The location of the POI is in a geoblocked area, meaning that POIs inside this area might not spawn in a specific Niantic game. Also it is possible, that some POIs might not qualify for a specific status ingame.

  • DavieBruce72-PGODavieBruce72-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I don't know why you copied and pasted that reply, as if you read my post you will see none of the content is relevant to the bug I am reporting.

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