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Hi all! I'm new here. Had some trouble as I couldn't login to the forums, but I just tried a different browser and it finally - after a week - worked, for some reason! Anyway, glad to be here at last.

I have a question regarding the rating system and the Agreements. I have looked around the help sections and forums, but couldn't find the answer to my specific query, so hopefully I'm not posting a duplication - my apologies if I am.

I was wondering if there is any way of seeing your Agreements as a percentage of your total reviewed? As it stands, I have about 25 agreements, and my rating is Fair. Of the 80-or-so total that I've reviewed, there's no way of knowing whether the remaining 50-something are all disagreements, or whether they are still being reviewed. I understand the rating system is designed to give an indication of this, but without knowing how many of my reviews are not reaching Agreement, it's hard to know whether I'm judging things as accurately as I could be.

Perhaps there is something I've missed here, or maybe the information is deliberately unavailable, but I think it would be nice to know how many 'Disagreements' I have, so I can adjust or reassess my reviewing as needed, so as to ensure I'm remaining accurate within the criteria. If anybody has any information on this, I would greatly appreciate your help.

FYI, I've arrived here as a Level 38 PoGo player. Hopefully I can be a positive and active member of this community. 😊



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    There is no way of knowing how many are still being voted on and how many were disagreements. I wish there was, but Niantic doesn't give us one of the two key numbers we would need (disagreement count, or reviews still pending a decision.)

    There's one way to estimate it, but it requires you to have reviewed a lot of stuff, and then it takes a lot of time. Basically you review, oh, a minimum of 500 submissions. Then you quit reviewing for a couple of months. My personal experience having tried this about a year ago is that it took ~40 days for new agreements to stop coming in regularly, and about 90 days before the last few stopped trickling in.

    At the end of that you can use the current stats to figure out what your agreement rate is. (Mine is currently 65.124%). Once you have that number you can start reviewing again and use it do the obvious math to estimate out how many reviews you've done that are still pending a decision.

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    You cant see your agreements/disagreement rate. All you can see is how many agreements you have so far.

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    Thanks for the replies. I had suspected there was no way of knowing this for sure, but it is a shame, as it would provide more accurate feedback on how you're doing than just a rating. It is certainly something I'd suggest Niantic consider in the future. Maybe once I've reviewed a decent number, I'll take a little break to allow the numbers to settle and figure out how I'm doing.

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    A percentage number wouldn't really help you to understand how to improve your reviewing.

    You wouldn't know which ones are agreements or disagreements, and even if they told you so (and surely that's far more information that Niantic is willing to provide), you might have disagreed with the overall vote for a nomination, but you followed the guidelines and approved or rejected something correctly and other people followed personal guidelines (approve everything inside our area/reject things according to old guidelines, etc...)

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    Sorry but approvals are random. Seeing a playground getting rejected for "not visually unique/historical or cultural significant" is just sad.

    My latest upgrade got wasted on an information sign which "doesn't meet criteria". It's literally on a trail with like 10 of those signs which are all ingame xD

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    @WheelTrekker-ING I totally understand what you're saying. Part of the concern is that I'm over- or under-analysing certain things, giving four stars instead of five, for instance, so I agree that it wouldn't be exactly accurate. I'm just concerned about keeping my rating positive, but maybe that anxiety will decrease the more I review.

    @LukeAllStars-PGO Yeah, I get that frustration. The visually unique aspect always unsettles me, because some things make great nominations, but don't exactly look visually remarkable, and I worry this will harm its review. I guess all we can do is follow the guidance and hope the accuracy of those taking it seriously will be acknowledged.

    I'm quite surprised how quickly some of my Agreements have shown up. My first nomination is still "In Queue", but I'm excited for it finally entering review. 😊

    Thanks for the responses!

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    @freebirdnerd-PGO Just in case this is of interest to you, here are my data from my stop-reviewing experiment last year. I stopped reviewing in May 2020 and completed the experiment in September 2020. A big part of my curiosity was about whether acceptances, rejections, and dupes resolved at different rates, so they're broken down that way. The graph on the front page should give you enough info, but you can see the raw data if you want.

    For reference, my local play area is the San Francisco bay area. During this experiment my home location was not set and my bonus location was in central London.

    I recently did a smaller version of the same experiment and may add tabs later for that.

  • freebirdnerd-PGOfreebirdnerd-PGO Posts: 20 ✭✭

    @Hosette-ING Thanks for that! So it seems 40 days, or around 6 weeks, is a ballpark figure for recent reviews to be completed. It would be interesting to see how such data compared when repeated (not that I would suggest you take such great effort again, as I can see the work you put in, and greatly appreciate that!). Out of interest though, how is your rating? I wonder how it compares against your current agreement percentage (as in, whether each rating simply applies to a range of percentages).

    Another thing I have noticed over the past day or so is regarding my upgrade percentage. I have currently submitted 100 reviews, and my upgrade sits at 29%, yet when my Agreements (Accepted, Rejected and Duplicated) are totaled, the figure only comes to 28. Am I missing something with this algorithm, as I took it that each Agreement awarded you one upgrade point, and each 100 granted an upgrade?

    Either way, thanks again for the effort you put into this. It's very useful to have that ballpark of how long active reviews can take, as this can help both to give an idea on my performance, and also to judge how long a nomination may take after leaving the queue.

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    @freebirdnerd-PGO There are hidden agreements for edits in the upgrade count that don't show up in the counts for wayspot reviews.

    My rating is Great. Over the course of over 17K reviews I have never once fallen out of the top tier. (Before the current system it was a three-tier system with green/yellow/red.) I'll save you the math-- that's an agreement percentage of just a hair over 65%.

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    Hey, @freebirdnerd-PGO just wanted to say welcome to the group & I hope to see you around on here more often. I enjoyed reading this so thank you for that

  • freebirdnerd-PGOfreebirdnerd-PGO Posts: 20 ✭✭

    @TheZodiac007-PGO Thank you so much for the warm welcome! 😊

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    @freebirdnerd-PGO You’re welcome, my friend! I hope to see you around on here more often. Anytime you have a question or need help wording a post or anything else, please feel free to reach out. I’m always here to help or just chat anytime you need it 😊 ✌️

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