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    @Aeryle88-PGO Wayspots that share a cell with an existing pokéstop or gym can't be shown in PoGo but that doesn't mean they're useless. While it was never confirmed by Niantic (rolls eyes... 🙄), experience says that those wayspots act as additional spawn points, so an area with many invisible Ingress portals will have an increased pokémon spawn rate.

    Obviously, when initially populating your village it makes sense to focus first on nominations that'll appear in PoGo, but once you run out of easily approvable candidates within range it makes sense to start adding good candidates that you left out in your initial round of proposals due to cell considerations.

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    So... don't know if anyone knows but in New South Wales, Australia there are massive floods and giant rains everywhere. While it's caused people to stay home and not to go out, it caused so many wayspots to be approved! Today. upgraded nominations flew through voting within an hour or two, people just advised approvals after approvals, it was phenomenal.

    Not saying you should try and call the rain gods to bless your land with much more rain than usual, but because people aren't out playing, they're reviewing instead. Which is... well... I don't know. But do reach out to your communities and encourage them to review when they're not sure what they should be doing.

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    Maybe, only Niantic know that for sure.

    But the fact is: some people here would like to speed up nomination process. If you want to speed up the nomination proces, you have to change something. Locking submission in cell where the is already POI is an option. I don't say it's the best one, but it's a possibility that must be considered.

    One day there will be less nomination for sure, but for now, there is billions of potential POI that must be nominated evaluated and added to the games. There is two possibilities: let the system as it is today and have to wait many weeks (or months) to have a submission evaluated, or change something to make it faster by prioritazing submissions that are more importants to the games and avoid false rejections, duplicates, etc...

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    start off by saying the false rejections could be just from bad submissions. I know you don’t like them but ive seen your submissions youve posted and some of those rejections based on the submission are correct. They are frustrating i get that, niantic is working on something for appealling false rejections though

    to avoid submitting duplicates its as easy as getting an i gress acc. Takes 5 minutes and you just check the ingress intel map before submitting. But yes a feature within the submission screen that shows the intel map would be amazing! They shouldnt block any poi if there is one in the cell its not just our game we submit for also poi density if it doesn’t come into the game still helps the spawn rate in pogo, something to keep in mind!

    i think the rewardsfor other games through wayfairer would get abused more often than not. But if they found a way to reward those in wayfairer it would be more beneficial

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    Also it all depends how much effort your willing to put into it like anything else. Friendship xp would make the trip up extremely quick. Just have to accept gifts from friends. And they arent hard to get just through any discord or reddit channel. Theres ways to do it, its just people tend to not want to take the time to do it 🤷‍♂️

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    Does anybody here knows what the reputation on wayfarer is used for? I have a "great" reputation and haven't noticed any discernible difference on the nomiantion process at all, I'd be really great if the speed of your nomination reviewing increased with your reputation, or if you could appeal rejections if you had a great reputation.

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    No. All my submissions follow the rules.

    For one or two of them that could be ambigous, but i never submit something bad.

    In fact:

    -One rejection for an old farm tool. Accepted the second time. -> the first time it was obviously a false rejection.

    -Trail marker: rejected despite Niantic said that trail marker are ok to be a POI. Obviously a false rejection.

    -A wood scuplture: rejected for being temporary. False rejection, once again obviously. (and will certainly be accepted the next time because at 20km a similar sculpture was accepted... and this kind of things fullfill the criteria.

    -A picnic place with permanent exposition of old farm tools. Rejected for abuse (!). Obviously a false rejection (because the other farm tool was accepted... and this second place is very similar)

    -A sign for a famous place of my village. Maybe a more difficult one to be accepted but i'm sure it's ok with criteria. Rejected for being a living animal. Obviously a false rejection.

    -An old historic wall. It's ok with criteria but too many people here exige a sign to validate this kind of stuff. Ok. But i will continue to think it's a false rejection.

    And it's just nominations and false rejections i get. Each time i get a false rejection i will submit it again one day and that will certainly slow the system. And that's the case for many people who submit things.

    If the system avoid false rejection, and reject only bad submission with explicit and clear explanations in the email, there will certainly be less nominations submitted two, three, four or more times. And this will make the system faster.

    I agree with you for the rest: it's possible solutions.

    On the reward... I don't think reward directly in game is the solution, but it can be a part of the solution. The upgrade system is a good idea, but in fact upgrading is not very gratefull for many reasons, except for paople who submit in area with a very long time queue. I don't review too much because i don't want to upgrade my nomination because many upgraded nomination are rejected (more often than the not upgraded) and it's not significatlly faster with an upgrade.

    I think reviewing will be more interesting if that give us more nominations to do and/or the possibility to make appeal of rejection.

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    It's like reading my own history of nominations xD, if I had a peso for every time I had to nominate something more than once because of false rejections I'd be rich :v

    Sometimes I wish I could just use an upgrade to re-submit the exact nomination or to appeal it, it'd at least save me the effort of having to go outside again to nominate the same Wayspot.

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    Again it all depends on how you tweak the nomination sometimes. Not everything gets in first try. If things go outside the local area (its usual you get nominations from places 3 hours away) you go primarily on what you see in the nomination and street view. It may obviously be false to you but reviewers can only review off what they see.

  • Aeryle88-PGOAeryle88-PGO Posts: 440 ✭✭✭

    It's certain, but with a better nomination AND reviewing system, many false rejections could be avoided. And in case of false rejection, allow us to immediatly resubmit it (with complementory informations) instead of creating a new one, or make an appeal of the rejection, will certainly decrease the number of nominations in queue.

  • Jtronmoore-PGOJtronmoore-PGO Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭

    i can agree with that. Sometimes everything needs a little tweak to help the others, and if appeals are earned like upgrades it may be worth it. I believe they are working on that so that’ll be nice

  • Or maybe if there's already a pokestop, the extra nomination goes to ingress players specifically, so it can be a portal. that would be fair, right?

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    That would have no effect on the nomination queues as it will still go in the gueue, so that makes no sense. Nominations made are just for all games, that is how it is.

  • one can wish/hope. Although, I did notice next to all our names it does denote if the account is linked to PoGo or Ingress (have yet to see one for wizards unite). maybe they can tie that to a function like that.

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    My account is linked to all 3 games - you got to chose what tag you wanted when you signed in the first time.

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    I don’t know much about Ingress or WU, but GO and wayfarer experience tells me Niantic excels at creating speed bumps and is not very good at removing roadblocks. The whole Pokémon GO game feels this way.

    Then, they give PoGo players only seven nominations every fourteen days, enforce cool downs on rapid reviewers, waste upgrades if a wayfarer doesn’t manage them just so.

    Sometimes it feels like they are telling us to go away, rather than asking how they can help us to help them improve their gaming environment.

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