Help - not on a school’s ground

So I submitted this village hall, which happens to be next to a school, and I explained that it is not part of th school nor on the school’s property. It got rejected nonetheless, for the reason that it is on school’s property, that the photo is of low quality and that it does not meet the criteria... what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

The description is:

Salle communale de la commune de Dolembreux, on y organise mariages, brocantes, rencontres sportives et spectacles culturels.


Communal hall of the town of Dolembreux, where people organize weddings, flea markets, sporting events and cultural shows.

and the additional information:

La salle communale appartient à la commune de Dolembreux, qui y organise des événements publics ou la loue aux citoyens pour qu’ils y organisent leurs événements privés. Grand parking et accessible à pied en toute sécurité. Elle n’appartient pas à l’école d’à coté et n’est pas située sur son terrain!


The communal hall belongs to the municipality of Dolembreux, which organizes public events there or rents it out to citizens to organize their private events. Large car park and accessible on foot in complete safety. It does not belong to the school next door and is not located on its property!

I don’t know how to explain it better, there’s also a fence separating it from the school...


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