Mooring spots "difficult" to get nominated

In the area I live in (Northern part of the Netherlands), there are several hundreds of "managed" mooringspots (called ligplaatsen in Dutch).

These mooringspots (ligplaatsen), are frequently visited spots in often very beautifull spots in the nature of this part of the country. Lots of people (also trainers like me) visit these spots during the whole year (ofcourse mostly during holidays and with nice weather), but the spots are there all through the year.

They are marked with a small information-panel, on which the "name/number" of the mooringspot is visible, together with the text that mooring is allowed for max 3x 24 hours at a time. I now entered a few of those mooringspots as a new Pokestop through Pokemon GO, but for some reason these spots are marked as inelligable allthough they are great places to meet for sailing trainers and to explore the great nature of the Northern part of the Netherlands. I think I do everything right, but apparently not all... I photograph the information-panel, as the Pokestop, I photograph the surroundings WITH the pole with the information-panel and make a description promoting these (non-commercial) mooringspots as places for meeting, playing and exploring the surroundings...

How can I describe these mooringspots so that they can be accepted...

I know that there is no "category" mooringspot (ligplaats) in Niantic Wayfarer (yet), so maybe that could be the first step in introducing lot's of new interesting spots to explore nature and meet other trainers. I don't know (yet) how to introduce a new category into Niantic Wayfarer, but maybe someone in this discussion does know?!


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    Can you maybe show one of those nominations here? I would love to see how they exactly look, so maybe I can help you, or someone else as well.

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    Please show us screenshot with one of your nomination (that include all photos, descriptions, location and screenshot of rejection mail), so we will exaclty know how it looks for reviewers and if it can be accepted. We also might help you imrpove it to get accepted that way :)

    I tried looking for it in Google, but I didn't found anything that would be eligible (I got boats and some add ons in sea for them), so please give us example what it is :)

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    Thanks for the reactions. The coordinates of one of the example-mooringspot on the map is: 53.03421015040484, 5.797616662351957.

    In this case, it's a small inhabited island in the northern part of the Netherlands in the neighbourhood of Terherne (a small village).

    It is ofcourse reachable by small boats, cruising the northern parts of the Netherlands in great numbers by the Dutch AND lots of tourists. it can be moored on for a maximum of three days in a row, after which you will have to move to the next (beautifull) spot.

    The "title" I gave the spot was:

    Marrekrite ligplaats SN09C

    Marrekrite is the part of the government managing these mooringspots, ligplaats is Dutch for mooringspot and SN09C is the "name" of the mooringspot. Every mooringspot managed this way, has such a unique "name".

    This is the picture I took for the Pokestop, of the informationsign of the mooringspot and

    this is the picture of the surroundings, with the informationsign of the mooringspot on it.

    As a description I entered was:


    Een van de vele honderden prachtige ligplaatsen, in Friesland, verzorgd door de Marrekrite.


    and the information for the people checking the nominations:


    Een heerlijk rustige plek in de Friese natuur om te spelen. Uiteraard wel Pokémon, maar helaas nog maar weinig stops. Markeer het als informatiebord. Het is vergelijkbaar met de paaltjes van de wandelroutes.


    Ofcourse, the descriptions are in Dutch, as we live in the Netherlands ;-) If you want to know specifics that are maybe translated poorly by Google translate or alike, please ask me. I'll be happy to provide you with a translation. I recommend categorizing the spots as a informationsign, as there is not a vategory for mooringspots (yet).

    The weird thing is that ships HAVE a category and the mooringspots have not. Ships can sail away (and thus leaving the stop without the recognizable part of the stop). Mooringspots however, are static and these specific (non commercial) mooringspots, managed by the Marrekrite (part of the government), are situated in the beautifull nature of the northern parts of the Netherlands and provide great spots for playing and discovering the surrounding nature.

    The rejection was:

    This nomination has been rejected due to the following reason(s):

    Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria.

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    It looks great to me

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    The categories of What's this? question are not related to the eligibility of the nomination. You can find all kind of schools in that list for example.

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    I suggested to mark it as an informationsign, as that is the "nearest" I can think of within the existing categories. I can ofcourse photograph my ship in the background on every nomination, and suggest the category "ship", but that seems a bit odd :-)

    So I guess just try again and maybe emphasize a bit more the "meeting/gathering/playing/exporing in the beautifull nature of this part of the Netherlands"?!

    And hope that Niantic may add mooringspot to the chooseable categories at some point? Or does someone have another category I can suggest to the evaluators...

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    The categories are not the problem for something, this is just an information sign indeed, but if it's not in the list what you can choose, it doesn't make an object inelibigle and vice versa.

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    I'm very iffy on these things. I am from the same part of the country, also in the north in Friesland, but I would not accept these as a reviewer either. It's not like people often go to mooring spots just to get together. The sign from staatsbosbeheer is a way higher chance to go through. As those are actual walking trails or nature preserves.

    Mooring spots do not seem to meet any criteria and should therefor not be accepted.

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    I agree with this. The Staatsbosbeheer sign would make it through a lot easier.

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