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New to Wayfarer, but I didn't see this addressed in the forums so posting it. I finally reviewed enough sites to get one of my nominations upgraded. In a few hours it was rejected as "poor photo quality". Looking carefully at it, I see the photo is a *bit* blurry when you zoom in far enough, but looks fine at regular resolution.

OK, got it.

So then I start reviewing other submission to that standard. If they are a bit blurry when you zoom in far enough, I reject them for poor photo quality.

Now my Profile has dropped to "Fair".

What am I doing wrong here?



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    There are no hard lines for what qualifies as a good or bad photo, although there are some strong guidelines-- if the photo has recognizable people in it then it's an automatic rejection. Other things that are clear rejections are photos that are so dark or blurry that it's hard to **** the subject, photos with watermarks or other identifying information, photos from third-party sources rather than being taken by the submitter. I'm probably leaving some out.

    Beyond that, reviewers are individuals and will often use their own judgment about whether something is poor quality. Reviewers are also subject to emotions, and a bad photo can sour them on the submission as a whole. On the flip side, a really awesome photo makes the submission far more likely to be accepted.

    Here's my taken on it: If something is worth submitting then it's worth making a little bit of effort to do a good job of it. If the photo has glare from the sun, is at a goofy angle, is blurry, or there's some other obvious flaw then just retake the photo and correct the flaw. Spending another minute taking a good photo is a lot easier than having something rejected and going back to repeat the whole process.

    Also, feel free to attach the photo here for critique.

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    Well, you started reviewing basing on one rejection of your nomination thinking that it was rejected because photo was a bit blurry. You can't know if that was really reason for rejection, maybe someone choose wrong rejection reason for photo, maybe your photo had something else that made reviewers reject it but you can't see it. But you made your own rules for reviewing basing on this one rejection, rules that are incorrect - other players don't reject these nominations you review because of a bit blurry photo, but you do, so system see that you're reviewing wrongly and droped your rating.

    I have three advices for you:

    Frist, read again all acceptance criteria and rejection criteria that are posted in wayfarer, to be sure if you review correctly. Only with this you can review correctly and make your rating better.

    Second, don't change criteria for reviewing only because you think someone rejected your nomination wrongly. Wrong rejection reasons happends, and for now we can't really do much about them. And it's mostly known that upgraded nomination are rejected more often, because they go to reviewers from much far away places with upgrade (sometimes even to different countries) so the best you can do is to choose nomination for upgrade that you're sure should be accepted - like playgrounds, sports fields, monuments, churches etc. Nominations that are more local shouldn't be upgraded because they will have more chance of being rejected (for example really local restaurants, things known only in your country, things that are hard to locate on map or aren't visible on streetview because it's out of date etc.).

    Third, post your rejected nomination in "Nomination Improvement" part of forum, we can look at it and help you improve it so it will become accepted. Post full screenshots of your nomination (with both photos, all descriptions, location and screenshot with rejection mail) in place I mentioned, and we will see why it was really rejected. Did you get only one rejection reason for photo quality? If you had more, then some might been choose worngly (or someone misclicked on rejection reasons lists), don't look only at one rejection reasons, looks at all of them and try to think why it was really rejected. But, post your nomination screenshots in "Nomination Improvement" and we will see, I hope we can help you with it :)

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    Thanks. Those are really helpful. I didn't realize how the behind-the-scenes mechanics worked.

    1) It was an upgraded request so there's that. I guess I need to stop getting upgrades. On the plus side, it was rejected quick. I have a few other nominations that have been in queue since 2019.

    2) reason given for rejection was "Photo is low quality (e.g., pitch black/blurry photos or photos taken from a car), Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria." I thought that was one reason. I guess it was two separate reasons? No way of knowing what the second one was. Does not meet which criteria?

    3) I am posting it in the correct area now.

    The learning curve is kind of steep for a new arrival to Wayfarer. There's a lot of things to consider that just aren't easy to figure out. Thanks for the help.

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    "Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria" is what you get when reviewer(s) choose "Other rejection reason". It basically boils down to, "I can't think of any reason that this would qualify to be a wayspot." Unless there's some other really clear reason, like being on K-12 school grounds, it's often the case that the rejection comes down to reviewers just not thinking the submission met any of the acceptance criteria.

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    @ZambiaP-PGO don't take reject reasons personally. most of times you won't learn nothing from them.

    just re-submit. niantic doesnt care about quality control of their reviewers. lots of bad reviewrs out there

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    I'm glad they're helpful :)

    And some answer to your answers :D

    1) I saw your nomination in "Nomination Improvement", so I think fountains can be upgraded and they should be accepted. But you must improve this nomination, I wrote new post in your improvement thread (it was choosen to be moderated before posting so will be shown later) I hope with this you can upgrade it too :)

    2) Yes, they're two different reasons :) You can get many different reasons (some mails get 5-6 or more), and they always are posted in this way, it might be confusing, but you get different rejection reasons :)

    And as others posted before me, "Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria." just mean that reviewers thinks it's just not eligible nomination and want to reject them because it's not really eligible and not because of bad photo, bad location or other rejection criteria. Some time ago this rejection was callen "Generic Place or Business" (something like that, I have bad memory for titles ;) ) but when restaurants were added to eligible list, it was changed just to "Other rejection reasons".

    3) I saw this thread and your nomination has much chance, with improvement I think it will be accepted. Good luck with it :)

    Yes, wayfarer can take a bit of time to learn all criteria and mechanics, but it's worth it :) Good luck with both nomminating and reviewing, I hope we helped you :)

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    If you look at the "Rejection Criteria" page on Wayfarer, you will see the following:

    Does not meet eligibility criteria

    Does not seem to be a great place of exploration, place for exercise, or place to be social. The object is mass-produced, generic, or not visually unique or interesting.

    As you can see, it covers rather a lot, but if you see that it means some reiewers though your submission failed at least one of the things above.

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    My bad, I thought that I saw some with more rejection reasons. But I may be wrong :)

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