Boxing and Martial Arts Academia

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Here's a nomination I got recently rejected for boxing and martial arts academia for which I'd like some feedback on how to improve it.

Title: Martial Arts Academia

Description: Martial arts and contact sports academia led by boxer Cristian "Relámpago" López. Has classes on different martial arts.

Additional info: Local gym oriented mainly towards boxing and contact sports, but it also has yoga an artistic gymnastics classes. Located at Bonorino 92. Google site: (Shortened, so I won't post it. Contains additional pictures and more or less the same info).

Rejected due to:

La ubicación de la propuesta en el mundo real parece estar en una finca o una residencia privada (PRP, that's odd. Maybe it's because you can access it from the sidewalk... 🙄)

La ubicación de la propuesta en el mundo real parece estar en el terreno de una escuela de primaria/secundaria o en las instalaciones de un centro infantil o una guardería (K-12, when the sign says it trains for Professional Boxing 🤦‍♂️)

La propuesta no cumple con los criterios de aceptación. (Other rejection criteria, this is probably the correct one).

Some of you might be tempted to tell me that this is a nomination best left to local reviewers. The problem is I live in a megalopolis. The local area has a population of about 14 million people, give or take a couple of millions depending on how the cell boundaries work. That's about 40% of the total population of Argentina. The only practical difference between an upgraded nomination and one that isn't is how fast it's processed, not really who reviews it.


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    The first thing I could think of for this is adding in support text that it's academia for mostly adults not kids, and maybe making support photo a bit closer - so you will see more of pavement and Academia, and not that much cars and trees that covers it. I don't know if it help much, but I would try with this.

    I looked for this place on Google Maps too, and it doesn't have any pin on map. It's not a bad thing, but it might help if it would have one. Butcher shop near it does have pin, so it looks weird that this one doesn't have it.

    But I think the biggest problem is that entry to this place is so small, and wall next to it from both sides has different shops on it. It's a bit hard to see on streetview and it might looks like entry to this residential building more than entry to academia - you had bad luck with streetview here, I couldn't get on streetview in the exact location of Acadamia, the closest streetview is 5-10 m away from it on both sides. Maybe doing photosphere and adding link in supproting text for it would help a bit, but it's hard to tell.

    I hope some of my advice could help you, I think it's a great place and should be accepted, but it's location might make it hard to see for reviewers. Good luck with it :)

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    En realidad me parece una propuesta adecuada. Puede ser que no **** gustó la fachada del local.

    Lo probable es que muchos no leyeron el letrero porque aunque menciona "todas las edades", escogieron k-12 como motivo de rechazo... De repente podrías descatar en la descripción que brindan clases para profesionales y todas las edades. Y posiblemente un link a una página sobre Relámpago López. Pero si no leen...

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