Church youth rooms

I know churches and religious buildings are okay but I'm starting to see a lot of youth rooms, normaly these are not accessible to the public, do we still alow them or only if accessible from the outside?


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    I think they fall under Niantic's K-12 rejection, if they are designed for children and the children are there without their parents (like a school or a daycare) then it's unlikely to get approved.

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    If youth group means young people up to 25 like it usually does in my country then I think they can be eligible. However if aimed mainly at much younger children then it should be rejected for k12 (kids under 12). If a mix of ages use it, and young children aren't the main users (for example if the building also hosts adult yoga and bible classes for all) then I believe K12 would also not apply.

    The access criteria is pedestrian access not public access. A church youth group has pedestrian access. Not everyone needs to be able to access a waypoint as long as some people can.

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    Is the youth room not in the church itself, or is it a separate building. I am thinking if it is a separate building it should fall under the k12 category.

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    I agree that it should be rejected as K-12. Staff is (should be) trained to protect children. That includes looking for lurking adults - as potentially non-custodial parents here to ****. Or worse.

    Clarification for @FrealafGB-PGO : K-12 means kindergarten to 12th grade, so ages 5-17 (with a few 18 year olds). AKA minors, dependents, children. It's a common phrase in the U.S., but Niantic is international and should be clearer.

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    That has never been clarified to me before and I assumed it meant everyone under 12 years old because maybe teens were a different category? I did think it was a weird term - we don't have it at all in this country. Wow.

    That's why I would have thought a 16-25 youth group (which is a common sort of age range for those here) would be eligible because its culturally important and a good place for socialising. I didn't realise 16 was part of 'k12'.

    I do think that needs to be clarified in the actual criteria because this is probably misunderstood in more areas of the world than it is understood! Country specific terms should not be used in the criteria without a definition!

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    K-12 in USA is ages 4 to 18 kindergarten trough high-school

    I know in Ireland high-school is called collage and what USA calls collage is university (over 18 higher education) but don't know the terms in other countries

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    It was a mural in on a wall and labeled church youth room and no info about access, looked to be a separate building in the back of the church property

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    The Niantic definition seems to cover most of the different "names" Under-18 educational establishments go by in different contries.

    Ineligible location, place, or object

    • Location is a .....K12 and under school (preschool, primary/elementary, secondary/high school), child care/daycare center, rehabilitation center, safety shelter

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    When I read this, and read K12, I read it to mean "kids under 12", which a secondary /high school has (they start at 11) so basically was able to read this with my misunderstanding intact, knowing I should reject secondary schools because 11 and 12 year olds attend them but thinking a college would be ok (being for age 16+ in this country)

    This doesn't list youth groups either, and typically here 'youth' is more of a teenage term, usually applied to older children say 13+.

    So I'd still say it needs to be clearer. Why write K12 when you can just write "under the age of 18" which no one can misunderstand?

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