Two identical but different POI

So we have 2 identical athletic fields at very close to each other, or 2 identical drinking fountains at park at different spots. Is it ok to submit them both. or it's just 1 unique POI per park/field



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    If they're not too close to each other, then you can nominate both. But if they really are identical, then you must make really nice photos and descriptions for reviewers that they're not the same thing but with misplaced location. If you can't see both of them on map view or streetview, them you must make good photos (especially supproting photo) and maybe even photosphere for both.

    I'm not sure about drinking fountains, because I think some of them was rejected recently, I think it depends how they look? I might be wrong with drinking fountains here, but with sports fields it should be fine to nominate two, if reviewers can see they're not the same field :)

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    I'm not sure the drinking fountains are wayspots at all, unless they're artsy. You don't go there to see them or partake of them, any more than the bathrooms. They seem common, mass-produced. What criteria do you think they meet?

    The "identical items" question is also a good one. What if a single bridge has identical plaques, one on each end? I'd say the plaques are duplicates of each other IRL and also in game. But identical sports fields could both be wayspots, even tho the second isn't very visually distinct. Identical statues... if close together, maybe both are part of a single installment... But far apart, like a lion statue at each gate? At one point they're each art, but I guess at some point they're just mass-produced and not interesting anymore.

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