How can a scoreboard possibly get rejected for explicit or inappropriate activity?

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    First: This is not the correct part of forum for this, you should post it in "Nomination Improvement" part of forum, so people could help you improve it or tell you why it's not eligible.

    Second: Even if only one person misclick or just choose incorrect rejection criteria and 50 or more other persons choose "Not meet acceptance criteria" you will get both of these rejection listed. Don't mind every rejection reasons, focus more on thinking why it was rejected in the first place. You also got "Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria" - and it's because it's not eligible.

    The sports field is eligible here. Nominate the sports field, not scoreboard. Scoreboard is a part of sports field, if you didn't nominate sports field (or if it don't exist as POI) people will reject it because they can't choose it's a duplicate for now. It should be added as duplicate on this sports fields.

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    It may have got tagged as inappropriate because the board says "Youth Athletic League". Just submit the pitch as suggested.

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    Scoreboards are not eligable in themselves, but they can be used as the Wayspot location for a specific athletic field.

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    Apologies for the duplicate entries. I didn't see the " post will be seen once approved sign" I have seen plenty of scoreboards nominated, I've even posted a sample of this below , once approved by the admin. Those scoreboards didn't mention anything about fields. anyway thanks for the feedback, I'm moving to Asia in 3 weeks , so i was just trying to set up my old community before going. Thanks for taking the time again :)

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    Scoreboards can be fine and obviously this isn't an adult themed location, reviewers love to choose the worst actual reason for the reject from the selection list or niantics system sucks as choosing the reason for the email. Because posts asking why are so common some reviewers may be trolling as well.

    The worrisome part is the explicit option is in the abuse category. There was a post on reddit of someone getting an email warning of a possible ban from submissions presumably for abuse flag. Too bad you can't report this and get the reviewer flagged for abuse.

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    I just commented on a similar post elsewhere in the Wayforum.

    The comment below was shared in the Wayforum by NianticCasey.

    Just because something was flagged for abuse, however, doesn't mean that we're automatically going to be issuing warnings, bans or suspensions to the potentially offending account. Our abuse team carefully reviews these reports to make sure that punishments are doled out appropriately. Additionally, you have the opportunity to appeal any strike or suspension against your account.

    In this case, somebody had nominated a trail marker and was given a rejection reason of "Nomination was flagged for targeting other players with the purpose of abuse, ridicule, trolling, or harassment."

    Rejection reasons for nominations come from your fellow Wayfinders themselves and are not always accurate representations of why a nomination should be rejected and are not curated or reviewed by Niantic. 

    I would not at all be worried about an "abuse" flag for a rejection email unless I knew I was performing actual abuse.

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    I hear your feedback. here is another one i found already approved. dont seemuch of a difference.

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    Wayspots already in game are not a good indicator of what is eligible. Criteria have changed MANY times, and we had a major change recently. How is a scoreboard a good place to exercise, explore, or be social? If you think it is, address that in your supporting statement.

    The only thing I can figure about weird rejection reasons is that certain check boxes by reviewers get certain cut and paste email responses that don't always match up. I assume the reviewers were trying to tell you this isn't a good location for a wayspot.

    If you are going to try to resubmit (I wouldn't) then make sure your supporting photo shows the scoreboard in place. Although that should have been clear in the maps view, it is best practice to make sure the "surrounding" area includes the poi.

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