Nominations that are informed to be reviewed by the developers of Niantic are stuck in Voting.

We had an announcement stating that there is an initiative to make the reviewing process faster with the help of niantic developers for India . We also noticed that nominations seem to be missing from our list and get listed again once there is a decision made . But unfortunately some of the nominations got back in the “In Voting” state which have been in the same state for the last 2-3 months .With the Indian wayfarer challenge coming to an end in the next two days and so many new nominations getting a decision in a faster rate , it makes us think if these “In Voting / In queue “ nominations which are nominated about 2-3 months ago have somehow vanished from the review queue. Kindly let us know if they are to be treated to be rejected and needs to be appealed /resubmitted or whether it will get a decision at sometime in the future . Thanks in advance.



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