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24 cool-down received -- but I wasn't even reviewing!

Jammelev-PGOJammelev-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

Earlier this week I received my first 24 hour cool-down. But what baffles me is that it happened when I wasn't even reviewing! In the morning I opened Wayfarer to check on the status on my upgrade progress and then left the tab idly open for several hours. Later I returned to the tab and reloaded the page and BAM! A 24 hour cool-down. I can confirm that when I initially opened Wayfarer that morning, there was no active cool-down (I reviewed a couple nominations with no issues).

I reached out to in-app Niantic Support to ask for an explanation and they answered: "Hello Trainer, Thank you for writing in. We have investigated this issue and can confirm that it is working as intended. If the system detects anomalies in your review pattern, it may impose a cool-down. This cool-down is of different types. Here are a few tips to help you review more effectively and maintain your performance rating...", going on to provide a canned response on following all nomination criteria, taking enough time with each review, and avoiding using third party tools.

Of course I follow all of these rules but more importantly none of them apply to this situation because I was not even reviewing and received a cool-down. And to say the least, I am extremely disappointed in Niantic Support's vague, unhelpful canned response.

Has this type of thing happened to anyone else in the community? Is it worth @ing a Niantic mod? (I'm new to the forum and do not want to abuse that)

I just don't know how I can prevent this from happening again if Niantic Support cannot provide me with an explanation beyond "our system is working as intended". Really? Is it?

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  • Jammelev-PGOJammelev-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Second response from Niantic Support:

    "Wayfinders are allowed 20 minutes to analyze a nomination. After 20 minutes, the page will time out, and you may be assigned a new nomination. If a lot of the nominations are timed out you can receive a cooldown warning. You may have received the warning because of the speed at which you were reviewing the records. Please make sure to efficiently utilize the review time. You can keep Wayfarer open in a new tab as long as it's not pointing to the Review section or has an active nomination to be reviewed."

    Thank you Oren for this additional clarity. This resolves my question!

  • Grubble-INGGrubble-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Just happened to me. This is [edit: cuz swear wurds r bad] absolutely and unequivocally stupid.

    "Please make sure to efficiently utilize the review time."

    Because i'm doing a free service for Niantic? They want to tell me to do more work for them? This is a hilariously terrible rationale. "WORK HARDER OR WE WILL PUNISH YOU BY NOT ALLOWING YOU TO REVIEW FOR 4 HOURS!!1!!"


  • Cdk296-PGOCdk296-PGO Posts: 170 ✭✭✭

    I just got it today xD

    I wanted to check my proposition, miss clic on verifications and shazaaaam.

    This system is so beautiful :'( a work of art, monumental, only equaled by its monumental failure.

    More seriously sometimes I open the verif tab, see one picture review or something easy to do, do one and then stop because wayfarer send me directly a honeypot. Or sometimes it is trash so I don't even bother reviewing.

  • Grubble-INGGrubble-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I just got another 24 hr cooldown. I skipped the first one that came up. I have logged in multiple times today, checked my nominations, then logged out. I'm wondering if they're upset that I didn't do any reviews at all, so they're punishing me by not letting me review for another 24 hours (lol).

    I got my gold recon badge so I'm not actively trying to get agreements at this point.

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