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Regarding the ingress portal removal rules portals May not obstruct emergency service.

How is this checked?

Url: https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/ingress/?s=portal-network&f=reporting-invalid-portals&l=en&p=web

The Portal obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services’ ability to perform normal operations. This includes, but isn’t limited to, fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants and air traffic control towers

All reports of "invalid "portals attched to Fire stations, Police stations or on military bases are Rejected That the portal should remain online.


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    Not all of these portals actually obstruct the emergency services. Many portals are for monuments, etc outside the path of the emergency services. However, if you feel your removal request is correct, you can use the removal appeals forum here.

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    Its an attractive nuisance and people are generally dumb even if only a tiny amount of the time. Eventually someone is going to pull in front of the fire station doors to access the point that you can reach somewhere else or by other means of transportation. This is the situation Niantic is trying to avoid.

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    It's more for the kids, I see so many kids running around playing with there full focus on their phone, and seeing how fast the engines pull out of the fire house, I can see why they are not eligible for a stop

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    If something does get reported to Nianic as "invalid" thay will take a look, but they can be slow. If they don't accept the report and leave the Waypoint in game, that decision can be appealed and Niantic will take another look.

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    My experience is that the rule tends to apply only to things that are very close to the path of emergency vehicles, and where there's some reasonable chance that people could congregate in the driveway. There is some presumption built in that people will exercise some degree of common sense and that parents will supervise children.

    I would rarely accept something that was right at the edge of a fire station driveway, for example, or right next to an emergency room entrance. I would usually accept things where a portion of the action circle overlapped with a driveway or entrance. Each location is unique, and the specific layout of the area matters-- if there are lots of pedestrian-safe places to stand that are within range of the wayspot but well outside the path of emergency vehicles I would generally be OK with something closer. If there aren't many places to stand nearby and thus there's a pretty good chance that people would block the driveway then I'll be more conservative even with something farther away.

    TL;dr: Use common sense.

    Here's an example from an area that I'm very familiar with. I've roughly outlined the fire station in blue, and the driveway in red. The three grey circles are the 40M action circles of the three portals that might possibly have some overlap with the driveway of the fire station, although just barely for the one on the left. While technically Clay Street and Water street carry vehicle traffic on the south side of Embarcadero in practice they are 99% a pedestrian mall and almost all of the vehicular traffic happens very late at night. In this example even the portal that's right next to the driveway has tons of safe access.

    I'm going to phrase this carefully to avoid any risk of doxxing... before the pandemic this precise location was on the commute route of someone fairly senior at Niantic. I'm quite certain it would have been removed years ago if they thought it was unsafe.

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