Poor Rating Test?

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I am an active wayfinder and have been supporting since the beginning of 2019.

My rating was always "Great", occasionally "Good" for a short time. And now I've gone from "Great" to "Fair" within a week. That made me think. I have now only rated 10 wayspots a day, took my time, etc. and have now managed to achieve the "Poor" status. I am now even offered to repeat the test. I don't feel like I'm being taken seriously.

Since I had never sunk so low, now here are my questions:

1.) What effects does this status have now? I heard I don't get any points for upgrades and my badge is not making any progress, correct?

2.) What do you advise me now? Should I take the test again? (I don't really want to.)

3.) Is it really possible to ascend again without the test?

4.) Can you be banned from Wayfarer as a result, similar to the people who did not pass the test earlier?

I would be very happy to receive information on the subject. English comments are welcome. But I would prefer Germans even more :)


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