Are bars/clubs eligibles?

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Let's say some bar is a hot spot in an area and offer special events by inviting many rock bands or has a special theme, like being inspired by the 60s or something. Would that place be elligible?


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    I think it should be eligible based on the Criteria Famous Restuarent/bar

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    Sure, have good supporting pictures and a good picture of the sign or something cool about the club.

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    I think it would meet criteria, it's somewhere you'd take a visitor and it is a social meeting place, just make sure you use your supporting to really sell it.

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    yes they are eligible.

    will they be 1* rejected with "location sensitive"? also yes

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    If you think the place is eligible please dosome research on how the place is unique and use your description and supporting text wisely to really sell this poi to the reviewers. If its a hotspot show proof of that either using a travel guide site or even a rating off of one. Maybe list some of the bands that have played there are there any famous ones

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    Tbh I had no specific place in mind. I just saw people in a local discord telling me they were not accepted because they were sensitive locations.

    Did NianticCasey officially said something about that?

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    Its just a wrong rejection reason. Niantic by my knowledge has never came out and said something on a wrong rejection reason. Keep in mind 90% of people who submit a local business do a very poor job when filling out there description/supporting info. I rarely see a business nomination that someone actually puts in a little effort into explaining how the business is unique. Most of it is the same blurb over and over again which i reject each and every time if they dont justify how the restaurant is unique

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    I think the question by OP, as also raised by @jeyjeuks-ING , is more like :

    When / where / why should reviewers trace the line between :

    • Bar/club being rejected because it's an adult oriented business / inappropriate, and
    • Bar/club being eligible because it's considered a hot spot/ place to explore / social for it's theme and/or is offering special events such as music bands

    Can we say that

    • a "regular" bar/club which only serves alcohol to 18+ (or any other "legal age" in your country) with video lottery/billard and "nothing else" is inappropriate being an adult-oriented business, and
    • a bar/club which not only serves alcohol, but also offers other social activities such as music bands shows or any other thematic social activities and considered hot spot (with evidence provided by submitter), can be eligible?
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    From the Eligibilty Criteria "A favorite gathering place for friends or strangers alike, where you can share a drink or meal, be entertained, or watch public life happen. "

    I also believe that Niantic has used the term "local favorite watering hole" before as well (but I cant find the thread). Watering hole doesnt really leave much to the imagination to me, its a bar.

    All this to say that the above would indicate that bars or a night club/dance club are allowed. I think folks need to use some common sense when distinguishing between say a night club and a "gentlemens" or "ladies" club. It's fairly cut and dry. The ladder is undeniably inappropriate, while the former, may be frowned upon by a small minority of the population, is generally a socially acceptable norm in most places in the world.

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,197 Ambassador

    Previous clarifications made it very clear that establishments that serve alcohol may be accepted. Unfortunately, we lost some of these specific clarifications during the 3.1 "refresh," although @NianticCasey-ING has reiterated that "definitions" have not changed.

    I found a text copy of the previous clarification that was shared as "January clarifications"

    Pubs and Restaurants that serve alcohol (including mall food courts)


    Eateries that have been featured prominently in travel guides, those with historical or cultural significance, or establishments that are popular tourist destinations. Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable.

    Not acceptable:

    Generic businesses with no distinguishing feature or significance or those that offer adult services (e.g. liquor stores, adult entertainment, **** ranges, firearm stores that also offer food or snacks).

    Please note we can't consider this "gospel of truth" anymore, but I think it's fair to consider it relevant for the discussion in absence of any clarifications otherwise.

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    "Sensitive locations" is for gravestones, graveyards, mausoleums, cemeteries, etc. It does not apply to any other locations.

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