Nomination "in voting"

When a nomination says "in voting", who all is voting for it? Is it the locals in that area, or does is it come across as a random review to all the people in Wayfarer? How many votes does it take for a nomination to become accepted?


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    Im following this post

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    It will go to many reviewers from a big area from your location. It's related to big voting cell, but I'm not expert for this so I'll try to explain it in a different way.

    It can be send to some local reviewers, it can be send to reviewers from nearby towns but it can also be send to people from a bit far away. I won't tell you how exactly far away, but I know that I get to review nominations from more than 100 km from my location - and thanks to my location, I got reviews from 3 different countries that are my country's neighbours. It's a bigger chance than your nomination will be seen by people that didn't know your village/town, because reviewers get only a few local nominations to review, so they won't accept anything only to get more POIs in they local area. It's some security idea for less abuse by locals.

    If you update nomination, it will be seen by reviewers from even bigger are - there is still a chance that some local reviewers will get it, but you will have much bigger chance that someone from far away place will reviewe it. With update you have much bigger chance that people from other country will get it too. But thanks to that upgraded nominations is reviewed much faster, but if it's not a 5* nomination it will have more chance to be rejected.

    And as for how many votes it take, it's hard to say as we didn't get answer to that. We guess that it might be around 50-150 reviewers that has to review your nominations for it to being accepted/rejected. I had one nomination with photosphere made in a place that no locals would look at this photosphere for such short time, and as my nomination was upgraded, it was reviewed pretty fast. I got information that about 160 people seen this photosphere to the time nomination was accepted. Taking a guess that a few views was added by some locals looking at this photosphere and I added a few when I was checking if photosphere looks ok, I would say that about 120-140 people reviewed my upgraded nomination. I can't say it's true number of reviewers, it's only my guess here.

    Maybe someone will explain it better :)

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    @Maxyme99-PGO Nice job explaining this. I appreciate the photosphere data—haven’t seen anyone address those viewing numbers before. Thanks! 😎

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    There's a recent post in the wayfarer Reddit about a comprehensive test on how many people see a nomination. Their conclusion was that it's about 50.

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    Not the best test though, people have been trying to estimate number of reviewers from google photospheres for years. It always ranges from 10-50, and there could be multiple reasons for it to be innacurate (bot views, multiple views from jumping in and out, random people in the area, intentional number fuzzing on behalf of google, etc.)

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    Maybe, but the numbers put an approximate upper bound that's lower than previously thought.

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    What are the chances of a nomination being randomly chosen to be upgraded to In Voting without the use of a manual upgrade?

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    If you only have 1 nomination pending, it will automaticly be upgraded if you unlock an upgrade. Else you need to pick it yourself after you unlucked the upgrade.

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    Are you asking if a nom can go into voting without an upgrade? Yes it can.

    I've had a few noms get put into voting before ones I've upgraded have gone into voting and I know that's happened to a fee people in my area.

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    A nomination may be “in voting” for months. I’ve had one in voting for 9 months, and another for 6 months. Not holding my breath.

    So far, none of my “in voting” nominations have reached resolution (approve/reject) without an upgrade.

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    How many votes are required to decision a nomination? I'm seeing some of the speculated numbers in this thread, but I'm thinking its WAY lower. Like maybe even as low as 5.

    Having said that, I'm not sure why this has to be so mysterious on Niantic's part, and why there can't be more transparency.

    Regardless, the process is still broken badly. It takes way too long, and some nominations seem to just get stuck for months without moving unless you use an upgrade. And not necessarily in remote areas either -- in major metropolitan areas.

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    If it were just 5 votes needed to agree a nomination, we would not have any backdrop. The concensus seems to be 30-50 minimum.

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    It seems that when you get a rejection, you can get up to 3 different rejection reasons. If there then are 3 separate votes assigned to those reasons which seems very possible, that means that once a nomination is rejected 3 times, it is decisioned as a failed nomination. Meaning then also that 3 approvals get a successful nomination. So this would suggest it's the majority out of 5 total reviews.

    After our local community had done reviewing blitzes, there was further evidence that a nomination could get approved/rejected after a majority rule of 5 votes.

    I really doubt that the minimum is as high as 30-50. Otherwise, the backlog would be infinitely worse than it currently is. Like years and years. I really dont think here aren't that many reviewers out there and there are a lot of nominations -- that is why there is a backlog, and there is a weird prioritization algorithm that niantic uses that allows many nominations to get stuck in queue or in voting.

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    My guess for "minimum" reviews (that is to say a nomination with 100% agreement to strongly approve or strongly reject) would be more in the 10 to 20 range, but that isn't based on anything other than what "feels" right to me.

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    @PelPlays-ING @EnyaGnome-PGO @Babarushki-PGO

    Lemme elaborate more on my initial question.

    I submitted two waypoints on March 17, 2021 and about two or three weeks ago, they both got randomly upgraded to "In Voting." In contrast, I have a few submitted waypoints from last August and September that are still "In Queue."

    How are "In Queue" randomly chosen to get upgraded to "In Voting" without the use of the "Upgrade Next" option?

    Hopefully that explains it better. Thanks!

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    Yo he tenido nominaciones aceptadas y rechazadas sin necesidad de la mejora.

  • jokeinsurance-PGOjokeinsurance-PGO Posts: 72 ✭✭

    Two submissions of mine that I uploaded on March 17 got selected to go In Voting. My oldest upload is 8/26/20 and it's still In Queue.

    I am wondering why my two uploads from March got chosen and my oldest upload did not.

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    I have a photosphere for a nomination that's in the middle of nowhere. The photosphere has been viewed roughly 200 times since the nomination went into voting in the middle of April (it's still in voting now).

    If we go by what you're saying, that means that around 90-95% of my photosphere views are not reviewers, which is very weird to me as no one (outside of reviewers) would really have a reason to be randomly viewing a photosphere that's in the middle of nowhere (not saying it's not happening, it just seems bizarre that someone would want to look at my photosphere if they weren't reviewing my submission haha).

    Another photosphere I took for a different nomination in the middle of nowhere got around 100 views during the 24 hours it was in voting. I wish the one that's currently in voting would've got through the system this quickly, given the similar situation of very low wayspot density in the area.

    Basically, what we can learn from this is that if there is a fixed amount of favourable reviews needed, photosphere view counts don't really help us determine this, which is how Niantic wants it to be.

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    the system simply is not First In, First Out. There is a lot that has to do with what gets moved from queue to in voting, including some randomness.

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