Adding the towns name for ingame Purposes

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i had brought up this before, and now i have to bring it up again.

I do not have much time every day to make reviews, and these name - changes tend to take up alot of time.

they are every day. I am fed up with this.

These people only do this to have an advantage in Ingress. They are all in our around Fulda, Germany.

I am Fed up with it. Please bring this to an end.

It does not add anything to the Wayspot overall. There is only one "Stadtwache" in Fulda, only one "Klettergerüst mit Rutsche" in Rothemann, only one "Severikirche" - THERE IS NO NEED TO ADD " FULDA " to your shopping list!!!

These are from the last hour:


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    Same for ...

    Wustrow (Wendland)

    Müden (Aller)

    Künster Arda


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    In german, we call it "Wenn man vom Teufel spricht..."

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    Pointless edits that waste reviewer time and add nothing to the game.

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    I'm of two minds here. On the one hand, I really do think that making the titles more unique is generally a good thing. One like the posted "World War Memorial" is far from an ideal title for me.

    On the other hand, mindlessly adding the city name to every wayspot is not the proper solution. There are some things where adding the city name is often the correct solution (post offices, libraries, community centers), but most of what's been posted seems like it would be better served with a more thoughtful title edit (if any) either by looking for an official name for the POI or by giving a more specific reference (street names, park names, neighborhood names, etc.).

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    I would think it makes it a lot easier to sort Ingress keys. I have a bunch of keys in the game that are all called King George V Postbox but with similar photos. Others have the road name first, so High Street King George V Postbox, and others after like King George V Postbox Finnelman Street.

    So perhaps they’re trying to make it easier to differentiate but as said, maybe adding the town name is not the response in this situation

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    Sometime ago this kind of edit request were common in a region and some people got so bored that they gave up on Wayfarer (honestly: they weren't really excited about the quality of the rest of the nominations anyway and they were also tired about the whole effort for very little rewards)

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    Niantic needs to bring this to an end, or change how sorting keys in Ingress is Working.

    They are ruining their Database by mindless Title edits if this continues.

    Other places in Germany have "OE - Playground" or "NES - Playground" because someone decided it is best for him to sort his keys with OE and NES (Oe is Oerlenbach and NES is Neustadt/Saale)

    Niantic really needs to write in the Manual that it is NOT okay to do things like that.

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    Hessisch Lichtenau.....

    130 + POIs named with HeLi:


    You can see the number from the start to the bottom.....

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    That's a bit different. We have so many (too many) "King George" or "George V" postbox Waypoints in the UK, that whenever I see a name edit for one of them I always select the one with the road name as the first part of the name - e.g. "Edwards Avenue George V Postbox", just to make it easier to sort keys.

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    that is exactly why our name edits are made - to make it easier to sort keys.

    But - in the case of your Georg V Postboxes i think it is totally okay to add a street or town to it.

    It is not okay to plaster "FULDA" into unique things that are only in Fulda. It is like puttin "IN LONDON" to "Big Ben" or "IN PARIS" onto "Eiffel Tower"

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    Found this topic based on the topic about the wave of bans.

    I have been evaluating for about 2 years (not much compared to others here) and since then there has been almost no longer evaluation session (> 10 reviews) without these name edits from the Fulda area. It is not always Fulda itself, as can also be seen in the contribution by @rodensteiner-ING . But in what feels like 90% of all cases of name edits that include a place name you zoom out on the map and see the A7 or A66 Autobahn and sooner or later also Fulda. I would guess by now within a radius of at least 30-40km. And it is incredibly often renaming that offers no real added value.

    In this special case, I would contradict the theory of sorting, since the place names are always at the end (in contrast to e.g. Hessisch Lichtenau).

    But the flooding of the evaluation process is really annoying for everyone whose regular evaluation area includes the Fulda area. It feels like every wayspot is given a place name. And I can't prove it, but it gives the impression that every new wayspot is initially submitted without a place name.

    Unfortunately, I don't see any real pressure for Niantic to act in the case of name edits as a suffix. It's not abusive rather than just annoying for the reviewers. It is the sheer mass that becomes the problem. I can only hope that the people in question will understand and stop. Although I don't think they're reading here ...

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    It doesnt add anything to the POI.

    There are places that have the Name "Townsname | (yes, Pipe!!!) Playground"

    In case of Fulda, yes, this is widespread all over the area. People that do this have to be punished.

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