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Two POI in a single L17 cell, both removed from Pokemon GO


  • These POI were not reported for removal.
  • I am not here to debate the eligibility of these POI with fellow users.


  • L17 cells: the ones that apply to POIs appearing in Pokemon GO, one POI per L17 cell
  • L14 cells: the ones that are used for deciding gyms when the 2, 6 & 20 POI thresholds are met
  • Stop A: Brookside Park Baseball Diamond
  • Stop B: Brookside Park Soccer Field
  • Location coordinates: 49.157008, -122.828946

The L14 cell pictured contained 6 POI, but only 5 unique L17 cells were occupied. As a result there was 5 pokestops and only 1 gym. There were 2 pokestops in a single L17 cell.

An update occurred and Stop A became a gym, but vanished from the Pokemon GO map. This was understandable. Pokemon GO allows 1 POI per L17 cell, Stop A disappearing conformed with the cell rules.

Some weeks later, Stop B had a location edit accepted. Stop B did not move L17 cells, it remained in the same L17 cell as Stop A. Stop B disappeared from Pokemon GO as a result of this edit, and now neither POI appears in Pokemon GO.

My theory is that because Stop A had a higher value in Ingress (photos, likes) and became a gym, Stop B was removed after it's location edit because the system believed/intended for Stop A (with the higher value) to appear in game. My hope is that at least one of these two POI can return to Pokemon GO. Stop B could move slightly south to allow space for both to appear.

I don't believe this information is relevant to my bug report but I will provide it anyway.

Device: iPhone XR

OS: iOS 14.4.2

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