Is correct to reject this as K-12?

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Today I came across this when reviewing:

For those who don't understand Spanish, the title is "National School nr. 8 Julio A. Roca". The description says "School established in mid XXth century, located in the Comune 13 of the Capital Federal" (Capital Federal being one of the names used for the Buenos Aires city proper, as is the capital city of Argentina). National school means it's public secondary school for ages 13 to 17. So far, a clear K-12 rejection, which is what I did.

However, and I'll dox myself a little here, I happen to know this school was also used for university classes in the evening and in Saturdays because I had most of the classes in my first three of university here.

So, considering this, was my rejection correct because the secondary school was the focus of the nomination or should I had considered the university use as well and approve it?


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    everything that is on the ground of a school complex with a K-12 school needs to get rejected.

    In my city, there was a sculpture on the ground of a professional school with a primary school next to it. The sculpture was on the ground of the professional school. However, the POI still got deleted because of this rule.

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    Even if the K12 school's facilities are used for other things when school is not in session, it is still a school and must be rejected per the criteria.

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    Here's the way to think about it:

    If something's main purpose is a K-12 school, even if it's sometimes used for other purposes, it should be rejected. Your example is a perfect one but it's also a pretty common one-- many schools sometimes have night classes for adults. They are still K-12 schools.

    If something's main purpose is something else, but there are s K-12 classes in it sometimes, then it is acceptable. The best example I can think of for this is a church utility building that has Sunday school classes but has lots of other types of meetings and gatherings as well.

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    This same reasoning applies to places outside of K-12 schools as well, if the main/primary purpose of the area is for K-12 ages kids that would not be monitored by their parents. Day-Cares, Youth Scout Camps, etc. (I put not to be monitored by their parents since places like playgrounds are eligible, and that's the best way I can phrase that distinction.)

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    You did it right, K-12. I am in line with @Hosette-ING 's thinking.

    Here's another example; if a unique local business was nominated, but that business also had in internal daycare for employees to use I would not mark that as K-12 and would continue to review the business on its merits, but if that same daycare had a playground that was nominated that's a K-12 rejection.

    All things in context but I think it fairly obvious you marked this correctly.

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    In case anyone doesn't know... K-12 is short for kindergarten through twelfth grade, which is ages 5 - 17 (with a few young 18s).

    We should also reject if for age 0-4, of course.

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