Should Riding arenas be approved?

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I'm doing some reviewing and the odd time I come across Riding arenas; Race tracks, training indoor on farms, riding clubs that are on private farms and most likely runned by the land owners...

What is the stronger point, it being on private land and only accessable to those who has horse stabled there/is part of the riding club... Or that it is a club and provides activity?

And horse racing tracks, I feel is ok as it's a sports activity on the line of football arenas etc, but a friend of mine was a bit negative against it, so it's good to get some more opinions.


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    Don't worry about the private land nature of a club.

    Technically things like tennis clubs, which are businesses, are on private land and we accept those all the time, and they are only accessible to people who have a tennis club membership.

  • MilesMitsurugi-PGOMilesMitsurugi-PGO Posts: 67 ✭✭
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    I didn't think of that aspect, usually in this area any sports club are accessable in public areas, hehe! How about just the riding hall..? I would speculate that's the same as (approving an for instance) tennis court?

  • KetaSkooter-INGKetaSkooter-ING Posts: 160 ✭✭✭

    I think that any location that hosts regular events like a race track is eligible, same with clubs they're places to be social. Training areas on a farm i'm not sure i'd vote to approve that without clear signage showing its club grounds or similar.

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    A club, yes. A riding school / somewhere where you go for paid lessons - no.

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    If its a competition arena i can see it being eligible. Someone own farm they teach lessons? More than likely not

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    We have a local Riding Academy that is now a stop. They host a few events during the year, and also have horse drawn hay rides and sleigh rides. I wouldn't consider it open to the general public but certainly open to folks that board their horses and attend riding lessons.

    The requirement for payment should have no baring on the decision to reject such a place.

    Niantic has made it pretty clear that if a portion of the population can use a space it is eligible for consideration as a wayspot. A courtyard at a private community is acceptable for a POI; as long as its not private single family residential property or a private farm that does not host any sort of public or semi public events, its eligible.

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