wayfarer challenge came and went by!

but still all of my nominations are in voting.


  • Maxyme99-PGOMaxyme99-PGO Posts: 915 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, there weren't as many reviewers as was needed for all nominations, and most of reviewers from other countries that tried to participate (they added some locations in India as they bonus location) only got 1-2 nominations from India to each 20-30 nominations from they first location, so they couldn't help much.

    And at the end many reviewers couldn't review more than 3-4 nominations before bug with loading screen appear for them too, and this bug lasted for 2-3 days, many people couldn't review properly because of that.

    With all these reasons many nominations in India didn't had chance to be reviewed properly, and as challenge is now over, they will have to wait for voting like it was before :(

    The only thing you can do is reviewing to get upgrade for your nomination, then it will be reviewed faster.

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