Huge Abused Gym Cluster spotted in Rzeszów.

Location: 50.038609, 21.995529

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland

Link to the Intel Map:,21.995881&z=19

You can see that there is a large gym cluster consisting of abused number of wayspots.

Before the pandemic, there was less gyms here, but local player(s) has/have been abusing location edits (before it was restricted) to let Ingress-only portals in that area turn into pokestops/gyms, resulting what you see today. There is the gym cell border going through the middle of the park: the location abused pokestops were being turned into gyms in the souther cell and then moved to the north one in order to create space for even more. Today it's no longer possible to create such clusters, because it has been changed. However, this particular has been created before it was blocked. All of those gyms are valid by their own, however the way most of them got created is not. Most of these wayspots have been added abusively and intentionally misplaced. There used to be even more, but some of the location edits local player(s) did were accepted after the change in the system, so some of the gyms are pokestops now.

Here are some screenshots showing how the abuse looked like shortly after being created (about April 2020):

And this is how it looks now (March 2021):

Please take a look at this abuse and take appropriate actions. Many of these wayspots are way closer then 20 meters from one another what makes clicking on pokemons much more difficult. Please remove this abuse by deleting the objects that were being misplaced and edited or just simply turn them back to portals. Thank you! 😀



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