Fake City in Poland

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For weeks I've been getting fake suggestions from Poland all the time. I reject them - and still they are accepted. My rating will drop as a result and the rules will not be followed. Please do something about it!

This is clear from the photo quality alone. But then also placing statues from a park directly in front of an apartment block is bold!



Or for Example this one:

I just ran the photo through the backward search on Google and found out straight away that it was fakes from "Warsaw"!

Or this one ...


Or this one ...


I'm tired of this! The complete list of duplicates is full of fakes. Pictures taken from the screen and stolen photos from the Internet. Can you check the whole area, please?




Don't get the idea to say that you haven't received this request yet! This is clearly abuse! And please check the whole area and not just the few examples!


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