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Waystops accepted for some time that are not yet in the game

I made nominations for Waystops on 03/27/2021 which were accepted days later and 2 of my nominations are still not in the game: "Academia Musical de Arazede" and "Casa do Povo de Arazede"? I had Waystops that were already accepted after these 2 nominations that I am reporting that are already in the game, but these 2 are not yet in the game, is it normal? As a rule, it usually takes a short time to be placed in the game, but these 2 in particular are taking longer, is it a bug? I already had a nomination for Waystop in last year that was accepted ("Cemitério da Liceia") and that never came into play and I don't want this situation to happen again with my new nominations.

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