Cannot understand why this was rejected...

The given reason was "Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria." which is super vague. Only thing I can figure is maybe the reviewers thought that the asphalt in front of the bench is a street, when it is in fact a foot path? Or else it looks like it could be in someone's back yard - but it is in parkland.

My real concern is that I have a second bench along this same path in the system now, and I'm afraid it will also get rejected. And both of these were hard to submit as my cell coverage in the are is awful.


Rosenbusch and Fauerby Memorial Bench





One of several memorial benches along the path beside Black Hill Lake. This one memorializes two safe bicycling advocates.

Supplemental Information

There are no current PokéStops along this path, but many memorial benches along it which would be perfect.


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    It is a "generic Memorial Bench". They are not eligible.

    Memorial benches are only eligible if they are for a significant figure in the community or for significant events. This means "In Memory of Granny" does not count. Persuading Wayfarers that "Councilman Bloggs" or "Philip George - Parish Council Chairman" was a "significant figure" is an uphill task and most reviewers will reject these.

    Lack of Pokestops along a path has no effect on the eligibility of a nomination or voting standards applied to a submission.

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    One thing that harms the bench is that the plaque is not really easy to read. No one can now see what is says, and how important it perhaps is. However, the thing it seems to memorize about does not seem noteworthy enough.

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    Does the bench mark a scenic viewpoint? If so focus your photo and description on the viewpoint using the bench as a location to pin it to. I checked it out on street view and it looks like that might be a possible sell, not a slam dunk but its better than just submitting a bench. I too wish that benches on trails were treated like trail markers but sadly they aren't.

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    Thanks for the replies, all. I had missed that benches were not considered eligible, and now feel foolish 😣

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    In my area, memorials and memorial benches are often still approved, but only when the significance of the people memorialized are clearly conveyed in the nomination. You mentioned that this bench is in memory of two safe bicycling activists, and it appears to be located along a bike trail, so I wouldn't necessarily discount the possibility that many voters would consider it eligible if they had more detailed information. With a close-up photo of the plaque as your main photo, and more specific details in either the description or supporting info about exactly what the activists did to contribute to the local community, I would not rule out the possibility of its being approved.

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    Memorial benches are difficult to get accepted.

    They are semi eligible though, so don't feel foolish.

    Firstly, all memorial benches are legitimate submissions if the person is noteworthy of the community. There is a strong debate the fact that a memorial plague has been made for them that they are indeed valued within your local community.

    Secondly, if the memorial bench is in the park, it reaches many criteria that are set up. Such as exploration, exercise and socialisation.

    I'd personally keep on submitting it.

    There use to be no debate that these were acceptable in the past and have been muddied via people buying benches without it being a memorial. I myself often rate high on memorial benches and still see a few go through, as local community parks have a hard enough time finding points of interest.

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    Parks often have fund raisers where you can get your name on a bench, tree, or brick, by giving a certain amount of money. Donating money does not make someone noteworthy (millions have donated to things). A real memorial engages the viewer, like with a quote or picture. You might could simulate this in your description. Or maybe not.

    The bench alone is common and mass produced. Not noteworthy. Not a destination. Not of interest.

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