Proposing Criteria Education System for Reviewers: Daily Bonus Quiz

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Proposing Criteria Education System for Reviewers: Daily Bonus Quiz

1. abolish the showcase useless, we propose the implementation of a daily bonus quiz.

2. If you answer the quiz that you can challenge only once a day, you will receive the reward "Upgrade + 1%".

3. The quiz is in the same format as the first test to become a reviewer.

4. Present "answers and easy-to-understand explanations". This is the most important point!

5. The question should be more specific than the first test. Eligibility, what criteria you meet, quizzes to choose the right reject reason, etc. Items that are questions well in AMA and Wayfarer bulletin board would also be appropriate to the quiz.

6. Please be sure to provide the questions, answers, and explanations in the language of each country and the nomination photos of each country. (I can't read English! I'm in trouble because I can't translate the characters in the image.)

It was suggested that many of the problems with Wayfarer are not caused by the system, but by the "immature applicants" and "immature or old-knowledge reviewers" who use them.

As a result of thinking about how to disseminate the correct Criteria, we devised a daily bonus quiz.

Other requests

7. Please change the overall rating item at the top of the mobile version of Wayfarer to the bottom of the review page.

8. Eventually, I would like you to make it mandatory to submit an AR scan at the time of nomination. It is useful as support information for abuse prevention and when it cannot be confirmed in Street View. (At the moment, it is difficult because there are non-compatible terminals and uploads often fail.)

9. I would like to see the Japanese version of the Operation Portal Recon guide (copy site revived. It was very helpful when I was a beginner reviewer. Specific evaluation examples are very helpful.

Above, I tried to shake the number to be easy to discussion.

I hope you and Wayfarer will be better.


  1. 役に立たないショーケースを廃止して、デイリーボーナスクイズの実装を提案いたします。
  2. 1日に一度だけ挑戦できるクイズに正解すると報酬『アップグレード+1%』が貰えます。
  3. クイズはレビュアーになる為の最初のテストと同じ形式です。
  4. 『解答とわかりやすい解説』を提示します。これが一番大事なポイントです!
  5. 問題は最初のテストより具体的な内容が望ましい。適格かどうか、何のCriteriaを満たしているか、正しいreject理由を選択するクイズなど。AMAやWayfarer掲示板でよく質問される項目もクイズに相応しいでしょう。
  6. 必ず問題と解答・解説は各国の言葉、各国のnominationの写真で提供してください。(私は英語が読めません!画像の文字は翻訳できないのでとても困ります。)




7. モバイル版Wayfarerのトップにある総合評価の項目をレビューページの最下部に変更して欲しい。

8. いずれはnomination時にARスキャンの提出を必須にして欲しい。悪用防止やストリートビューで確認出来ない時のサポート情報として有用です。(現時点では非対応端末がある事、アップロードが頻繁に失敗する事から難しい。)

9.Operation Portal Reconの日本語版ガイド(コピーサイトの復活を希望します。私がレビュアー初心者だった頃、とても参考になりました。具体的な評価の例はとても参考になります。




  • GearGlider-INGGearGlider-ING Posts: 1,328 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're not the first person to suggest quizzes for rewards, a lot of people would love to see something like this implemented.

    Though 1% of an upgrade is a bit low. Maybe it could be a 7 day streak kind of thing. Log in and do the quiz each day and if you ace it 7 days in a row you get like 20% towards an upgrade or some other kind of reward.

  • silverkali-INGsilverkali-ING Posts: 92 ✭✭✭

    I agree that there should be continuous testing of reviewers (and submitters), it's a fairly simple way of keeping knowledge up to date.

  • Thor3381-INGThor3381-ING Posts: 211 ✭✭✭

    Spend time on quiz-reviews to get 1pct towards an upgrade while I could be spending the same time on real reviews and get more agreements on those?

    For new reviewers it might be interesting to have this, do some dummy reviewing, showing your score and especially what you rated wrong without affecting their rating.

    Quiz incentive is a difficult one. Let it count for a separate medal or double counter for upgrades and many reviewers will spend their time on these dummy reviews.

    Sole option is like: pass the quiz without error and for the next 24h your agreements will count double towards upgrade, but that will be harder to implement

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