Frustrating nomination declines

This is becoming a joke and maybe not all players should be able to review nominations. I just had a nomination rejected with the reason not appearing permanent or seasonal display. You can clearly see in the pictures, for the public picnic area that was nominated, that all tables and public grills were bolted into the cement. I don’t know how much more permanent it can get.

Another rejected nomination was a community pool that is next to the community playground. Playground was accepted, but pool was rejected multiple times for being in private residence, when pictures and the map clearly show multiple apartment buildings in surrounding area. So it’s not a private residence which is defined as a single family house.

And wait, there’s more. Rejected community sand volleyball area with same reason of private residential, when it’s clearly not. If these nominations do fall into private residence, then how would the playground be accepted which you can see in backgrounds.

I’ve reviewed nearly 1200 nominations and have a Great rating for wayfarer, so I’m confident I know what would be accepted or not. Getting more and more frustrated with these recent declines that maybe I should change my acceptance qualifications and start declining these places. Possibly reporting existing pokestops that have titles such as community pools, community this and that. I won’t be that petty but this is getting ridiculous. There are 2 other neighboring complexes that share these nominations as that don’t have a pool or shared grills to cook food. Hundreds of neighboring kids would benefit from these nominations daily but sadly they continue to be rejected. The game creators or someone within the company needs to be available for us to communicate with.


  • Misch60-PGOMisch60-PGO Posts: 225 ✭✭✭

    Show the places here, then we can see if something is going on. This place is to improve your own nominations, not to rant about items that got declined. If you want help, you need to show your nominations.

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,360 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I’ve reviewed nearly 1200 nominations and have a Great rating for wayfarer, so I’m confident I know what would be accepted or not

    Most of the people think the same way. They "know" what's acceptable.

    As long as they are in Great rating they think that everything they do is OK, so if they reject something as PRP and they stay at Great, then they think that they did the right thing.

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,313 ✭✭✭✭✭

    We can't offer any advice without seeing your nominations in full. Posting one per thread makes life easier for all, and avoids confusion.

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    As others mentioned, show us screenshots of your full nomination (with both photos, all text, location and screenshot of rejection mail). Without it we can't really help you in any way.

    Some of your nomination examples really sounds like they might be on bordeline or just ineligible (most swimming pools now aren't eligible for example, so if we can't see your nomination of pool nomination it's hard to tell if it's eligible or not). For some others there might be a reason for rejection too - like it's hard to see on map if it's really not on PRP, sometime photos aren't enought for reviewers as many players try to make fake POIs.

    Did you get only one rejection reason in your nominations? Mostly you get more that one rejection reason, and with how system works it looks like that: if one person choose "not permament" rejection and 20 reviewers will choose "not meet criteria", then you will get both rejection reasons in your mail. Some rejection reasons might not be accurate, but you should look at all of them, not only focus on one you think isn't right. Yes, we have good and bad reviewers, some troll reviewers too, but you need more than one person to reject nomination, and as we don't see your nomination for now, it's hard to tell if all rejections was false.

    I also had some nice nomination rejected at first or even second try, sometimes you need to improve not only photos, but also add nice support text that will help reviewers to accept your nomination. But again, without seeing your nominations we can't really help you, and all my text above is just a guess what might be the case for rejections. So please post your nominations screenshots here, we will try to hep you as best as we can :)

  • johnd131313-PGOjohnd131313-PGO Posts: 52 ✭✭

    A lot of these reviewers have their own criteria. They ignore the Niantic guidlines andNiantic does nothing about it....They feel powerful, probably the only time in their life they have had any power...LOL

  • I’ll post pics of the nominations in a bit. The nominations I submitted I’ve seen dozens of times elsewhere. So it’s not like I’m submitting odd places.

    Here is the most recent decline about the grills, gives me nothing to build or improve if decide to resubmit. Again these community grills and tables are literally bolted into the concrete, I’ll have to go out and post pics of area.

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