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Hello everyone, I open this thread to point something very important about POIs.

I'm pretty sure that you've ever seen a photo or help photo with 2 black lines up and down

THAT'S THIRD PARTY PHOTOS, how can you know that? well, go to google maps and check some at any place, you'll sure find some with those 2 lines; I've seen this to many POIs, but unfortunately I can't report them, but I reject it when I see one.

It's really easy to go to google maps, download some photos with interesting POIs and submit them from home right? Don't let this to happen anymore !

Now the TITLES, what's it? Well I've found many submissions with player's name, how do I know this? Because it's something repetitive, I've googled it and found nothing; so what does it mean? A player's name, I've submitted some re-title to correct this, but it's much better when you reject at the moment of reviewing. So, if you see a title or description with a weird name or initials, search about it and make a choice. I don't mean to be rude but this is always from PoGo players, because in Ingress we don't need to do this, 'cause the name is in the photography; so please avoid this and make both games be better.

Greetings y'all


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