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Nomination email receives but not showing at watfarer website

Krayhan01-PGOKrayhan01-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭
edited April 2021 in Report a Bug


I had to change additional photo's of my prior 2 nominations, since there is no possibility to do this on the website, so I have withdrawn 2 nominations. I made 2 new nominations today, for both of them I have received e-mail confirming my nomination. On the wayfarer website I see that 2 of my older nominations are withdrawn. 1 of my new nominations show but the other does not show on the withdrawn list. I noticed that the one which is showing has the title "Wall Art Butterflies" and it was Butterflies Wall Art (Withdrawn). The other nomination has the same title for the withdrawn nomination and the new one "Playground Koppelstein". The new nomination does not show. Can the title be the problem here? If this is the problem how can I change the title, without having to withdraw and make a new one. I have 1 more nomination left to do. The new nomination for "Playground Koppelstein" does not show.

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