Location Edit Appeals: Kleiner Spielplatz Volkspark

Title of the Wayspot: Kleiner Spielplatz Volkspark

• Current Location: 51,4753664, 7,3109920

• Additional information: (Old)

- As can be seen in the pictures and Screenshots, the Park is currently being renewed an renovated in all corners and places. The two playgrounds are also part of it. The Swing on the Wayspot photo has now been moved. (As you can See, the satellite Image is [currently] out of date). The Area of the playground Was also changed with the renovation.

• Correct Location: 51,4754846, 7,3113853

• Additional information: (New)

- So I propose to relocate the location due to the unstructured nature of the playing area. I am sure that it IS more practical to put the location at the "entrance" so as not to disturb the children with their parents and at the same time not to confuse them when they are playing. Adjusting the location would therefore be a better solution for All parties.

• City: Bochum

• Country: Deutschland/Germany



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