Photos Not Syncing

Hi folks,

With the worldwide expansion of photo contributions for Pokémon GO, I wanted to provide an update on the issue related to photos not successfully syncing with in-app locations in both Pokémon GO and Ingress.

First, I'm sure some of you may be wondering why we would push an update for a feature that isn't successfully working. This is because this final push was necessary in order to make backend changes so that the cause of the issue could be addressed.

I'm happy to let you know that this issue has been resolved for Pokémon GO, and photos should resume syncing moving forward! Additionally, the Wayfarer team is undergoing a massive effort to backfill unsynced photos across locations in both Ingress and Pokémon GO.

Unfortunately, the syncing issue in Ingress is separate from that in Pokémon GO. The Ingress and Wayfarer teams are working together to uncover the cause and possible solutions so that Ingress photo syncing can resume.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we continue to work on this issue.

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