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Are these acceptable or not?



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    Show us a a picture of the patio in question. First thoughts - no, not eligible purely as a "patio".

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    photo and or meaning in your language please

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    thats what I was thinking @sogNinjaman-ING. I’m not talking about a specific residential patio @pkmnsearch2-PGO. I’m asking mainly as a whole for others about commercial ones. I guess you could say based on an ugly patio that still has a little potential that is very highly used compared to one that is extremely nice but is rarely used. Only on those two things. I basically just want to know if they’re acceptable or not because where I live in Indiana reviewers are denying all of them that I have seen submitted. I am confusing patios with pavilions? Either way I basically am trying to figure out exactly if these are acceptable or not. I’ve even seen extremely nice ones at beautiful locations get denied lately . It’s just strange. I want to know so I can post this elsewhere & so I can try to submit them myself


    @pkmnsearch2-PGO my language is wayfarer. take me to the wayfarer leader lol

    my language is English

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    @TheZodiac007-PGO in my language, a Patio is like a "small plaza inside a private residency unifamiliar property" .

    Since you say Indiana, maybe Patio is similar to a plaza but more "forestry"/natural? Plaza is eligible, its in the criteria page.

    If my google search is right, I don't see how a public Patio is something not eligible.

    my source:

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    @TheZodiac007-PGO I suspect my language may be the same as @pkmnsearch2-PGO because my working definition of Patio is the same, although you also have Patio de Comidas (food court in a mall) or Patio de la Vecindad (for multifamily buildings, at least in Mexico, according to El Chavo del 8). So an example of what you mean by Patio would be useful.

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    We aren’t required to ask language here. I recommend from now on to please not ask others that question if their language is visibly English. English is required but I was speaking it. It should be kept confidential although my language was visible. Also upon reviewing my profile it is visible that my language is English as well @pkmnsearch2-PGO & @Lechu1730-PGO. I apologize for the confusion. I thought @pkmnsearch2-PGO language question was a joke because it’s not something I’ve seen asked here so I said what I did talking about aliens/ extraterrestrial beings trying to be humorous. My apologies

    The patios I am referring to are all public ones. Anywhere public. In the US they are very common all over the place. At restaurants, at the beach, at parks, almost anywhere public you can go. I am asking because I am debating submitting a really good looking one. I appreciate both of your guys’s feedback & I apologize wholeheartedly for completely confusing you with what I said back. Lmfao 🤣

    Where I live my local reviewers have their own set of criteria that they have been accepting & I don’t think patios are being accepted. Others I’ve talked to say they’ve been denied so until these reviewers become more educated I may hold off. I just wanted to make sure from others that they were eligible as well. I know the criteria well. It always helps to double check. I really appreciate the help

    Have a great day!

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    Country context is very important since this is a Global forum.

    I see those Patios as the gazebos or pergolas. So, a 5* valid no-brainer sub.

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    In most of the times, instead of providing an open question like this "Patios in general", it's better to ask: "Is this a good nomination?" with a picture and suggested description and supporting info.

    I still don't get the exact meaning that you're using for patio, I've never heard it used in English before, so I would like to understand what does that mean to you in order to provide my feedback.

    In Spanish, as a general rule a patio wouldn't be eligible, but where there's a rule there are exceptions, so maybe it turns out that you want to nominate something very unique, with cultural value, clearly differentiated from other patios, I don't know, there are tons of things that can make something stand out and turn it into a valid nomination although other patios are insta-rejects.

    So if you provide a photo of your candidate, people will be able to provide feedback, and also it can be the opposite, as we've seen so many times, a church with a photo so bad that it's not eligible for example.

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    I meant for my question to be in reference to patios that are in public places & not in general. That’s the way it should have been asked. I was asking about all patios in public places because it was asked in a community that I admin. That’s is why I didn’t post a photo as a reference.

    Well said @WheelTrekker-ING. I’ve seen those, sadly. Especially being a church. I have a good idea of what is & isn’t acceptable just from what you guys have said. It needs to be a neat one that is frequent to traffic/ be unique/ artistic/ & have an intelligent description/ supporting info.

    Regardless though, I think right now I need to help spread the word in the area that I live that they’re eligible because clearly it is thought that they’re ineligible. I normally act as a guide to help users know what is & isn’t acceptable in my community so I will spread the word to help others better understand. To often I see people reviewing by the guidelines & not with their heart. Some things are acceptable that aren’t listed & with a well thought out & planned description & supporting info these things can be submitted & accepted.

    I appreciate you guys & I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Thank you for that

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    If you're talking about patios at restaurants, they're really just a section of the restaurant. I wouldn't consider them eligible separate from the restaurant (unless they were somehow architecturally or historically notable apart from the restaurant building).

    If we're talking about patios other places, it would depend on what their function is. I'm still not entirely sure what kinds of structures you're referring to when you talk about patios in parks, though. As far as I'm concerned, a patio is pretty much always attached to some kind of building, and is usually really just an extension of that building.

    So I would say that there is no "blanket ruling" to be made whether patios are acceptable or unacceptable.

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    I agree with that although i think they would be a great location for a POI because they’re a great place to socialize with others & depending on the size of the patio you could also see performances as well.

    Where I live patios have a stage as well for live music, etc. In parks, these are the types of structures I am talking about. Ones at state parks are attached to buildings that serve food etc & also sometimes have a live band play as well just to draw a crowd.

    I used to live near a state park that had a large lake. They would charge a fee to get in & then you would have to pay for food & you could set on the patio & watch a band play on the stage in front of you.

    You’re right, they are almost always attached to a building. The thing that sets them apart from a building though is that they are a great place to socialize & are photogenic whereas a building itself normally is not & there’s no way to showcase that building with the way things are. We would have to show a video of the outside walking inside, etc & it would be too much work to even be worth trying more than likely.

    It’s all great for discussion. My apologies for taking so long to write back @flatmatt-PGO

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