Dear Niantic, Would you do something to stop Disagree Sta.lkers on Wayfarer forum?

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I’ve received massive “Disagree”s here because I’ve been reporting a lot of fake portals and players who defend those fake portals and who feel very sad and angry after their removal came to do “Disagree Attack”, while some posts have been removed by error by moderators in the “archiving campaign”. Nevertheless I have the links for reactions throughout those posts because even if posts are removed, the reactions are still restored in the database but they are too trivial so I’d leave them alone.

Still, there are two players keeping sta.lking my every new comment and post to do Disagree. Especially there is one player clicks at a percentage of 100%. If you go to you may see that many comments or posts are presented with 1 or 2 Disagree stably under all circumstances.

To avoid defaming anyone I won’t say who they are as you could check by yourself.

Take one of my invalid portal report or location edit posts as an example:

Take one of my comments supplementing documents and evidence for removal as an example:

This is not distributing information for readers to exploit some loopholes or hack into something; the fact that we could see the results via the link means our forum accounts are allowed and have the authorization to see so, and it's a common knowledge among IT developers. Just like the common knowledge between us that responsible, good forum users should not do Disagree sta.lking, isn't it?

@NianticCasey-ING I suppose “All-Time-Disagree-Attack” like this violates Wayfarer Community Guideline

because it’s purely sta.lking and offensive. Would you kindly do something including sending a warning to make that problematic player stop doing so?

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