Regarding the numerous applications that were falsified.

①Title of the Wayspot: 中尾観音堂(久賀)


②Title of the Wayspot: 八大龍王(久賀)


③Title of the Wayspot: 中尾の地蔵様(久賀)


These Wayspots were intentionally displaced and applied for, probably for the purpose of increasing the number of Pokestops. All of them are within 10 meters of each other. Please move at least ②&③ of them to their original locations or remove them if possible.


Street View in conjunction with ①

If true, Street View should have been linked to ②
Street View in conjunction with ③

As we will see later, applications that change location information are routinely created in this vicinity, and the "creation" of the entire POI was done without any consideration of the hazards, falsehoods, and risks on private property. if the POI data is not destroyed and recreated, the likelihood of an accident is very high. 

↑This is an image from ②'s POI application.

↑I didn't mention it this time, but the shrine above ② has also been deliberately moved to a different position.

↑This is an image from ③'s POI application.

Compare the shape of the surrounding stones and concrete blocks as well as the object itself. You will know it is the same place.

It is very likely that these POIs were also applied for by disguising or fabricating locations and objects. As for the POIs in the mountainous area, the ones prepared by this applicant are almost unreliable, and it is highly likely that NIA will be held responsible for the administration of the office in the event of any future accidents.


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