Title appeal

Title of the Wayspot: Bullpen Academy

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=40.352555,-74.292466

City: Marlboro, NJ

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Picture of the updated sign which has not yet been accepted -

Additional information:

Website for this location - https://www.jerseydugout.com/

Google Streetview link which shows the current sign -


This sports complex was previously known as Bullpen Academy and was renamed to NJ Dugout (aka Jersey Dugout, New Jersey Dugout). This title edit keeps getting rejected because the only pictures for the wayspot show the old "Bullpen Academy" sign. I do have a pending photo submission with the current sign, but that has also been rejected in the past because the wayspot title is "Bullpen Academy". It's a catch-22 at the moment, where both pieces of info on the wayspot are out of date yet support each other, making it all but impossible to fix them.

Thank you!



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